The Ultimate Guide to the Blonde Hair Colour Shades

Created on May 13, 2024

It’s a well known fact there are a million different shades of blonde hair, but narrowing down the key main shades are Ash Blonde, Warm Blonde & Dark Blonde. When going blonde, it’s vital for you to figure out which blonde hair shade is right for you, whether you’re after a natural dark blonde shade, or a total switch up and go for an ash blonde shade. We spoke to our resident blondie, our Principal Colourist Casey Sullivan for her thoughts on the Ultimate Guide to the Blondes!

CaseyImage Credit: Casey Sullivan from Josh Wood Colour

Ash Blonde Hair Colour

Ash blonde is a cooler shade of blonde, with hues of grey and blue undertones. A celebrity example for Ash Blonde would be Cara Delevingne and Amanda Seyfried. Ash Blonde Hair Colour will often need to be professionally lightened first, and then toned to cancel out any warmth and brassiness. When washing sometimes an ash tone will fade however it can be maintained at home by using the Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss.

Icy Blonde Hair Colour

Icy Blonde Hair is a brighter version of ash blonde and platinum blonde hair with its cool undertone, but focuses more on the silver tones. Unlike a honey or strawberry blonde, Icy Blonde has no warm tones to focus on the ashy and silver. You can achieve this look at home by using the Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss on pre-lightened hair.

Ash Blonde HairImage Credit: Josh Wood Colour

Warm Blonde Hair Colour

Warm blonde is a shade of blonde which has hues of gold, honey, and even copper, it is similar to a golden blonde hair. Some current celebrity examples include Cameron Diaz, Margot Robbie and Jasmine Sanders. Golden hues can be maintained at home by using the Josh Wood Colour Champagne Gloss. For those looking for more of a strawberry blonde finish, this can also be achieved by using the Josh Wood Colour Copper Gold Gloss

Blonde Hair JWCImage Credit: Josh Wood Colour

Honey Blonde Hair

Honey Blonde Hair is characterised by its warm and golden hues, like the sweet hue of honey. Honey Blonde Hair Colour typically ranges from light to medium blonde, with strands of hair infused with hints of caramel and amber. This hair shade often flatters those with warm or neutral skin tones, adding in a radiant glow to their overall hair colour. Honey blonde hair colour is perfect for the transitions from season to season providing slight warmth for the upcoming summer months. Honey Blonde Hair can be achieved at home by using the Josh Wood Colour Champagne Gloss to top-up some of the warmth needed. 

Honey Blonde hair colourImage Credit: Pinterest

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

Strawberry blonde hair colour is a blend of golden and reddish hues to create a warm and vibrant appearance. Strawberry blonde hair can range from a light, peachy blonde to a deeper, reddish-gold hue, offering a spectrum of options to suit different preferences. Perfect for those seeking a unique twist on traditional blonde, strawberry blonde hair colour infuses the hair with a subtle warmth and luminosity. Strawberry Blonde hair  shade often complements fair to medium skin tones, infusing hair with a playful and youthful charm.

Strawberry Blonde HairImage Credit: Pinterest

Dark Blonde Hair Colour

Dark blonde is a shade of blonde which is more subtle, and sits in between a blonde and a light brown, or it is also known as Bronde hair. Deep caramel tones are often considered dark blonde creating a caramel blonde hair colour. The Josh Wood Colour Caramel Gloss is a great way to maintain this shade at home, keeping the hair toned down and doubling up as a treatment mask as well. A great celebrity example of someone with dark blonde hair would be Jennifer Anniston.

Dark Bronde HairImage Credit: Pinterest

All blondes should keep a Josh Wood Colour Root Touch Up in their kit to disguise any root regrowth post hair dye/salon trip. If you want to discuss your blonde ambition with us, book a video consultation here!

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