Summer hair myths, busted

A change of season (or simply weather, if you’re jetting off for some sun), can totally throw your hair off. We asked expert colourist Mads-Sune Lund and expert stylists Matthew Hawes and Nicholas Hardwick to help debunk some of the most common Summer hair myths, and for advice to help keep it under control, no matter the weather.

Should I put lemon juice in my hair to lighten it?

“The theory that lemon juice lightens blonde hair in the sun is correct – but only on natural hair. If you apply lemon juice to highlighted hair there’s the chance it could go orange, and ruin all the hard work your colourist puts in! Either way, I wouldn’t recommend it, as the PH level of the lemon will dry your hair out”.

Is towel drying my hair better for it in hot weather?

 “There’s not really one way of drying your hair that’s better or worse than another. But if you have weak, fine hair, vigorously rough drying it can lead to further damage, so I’d suggest patting and squeezing it instead of rubbing it dry. In Summer or in hot climates, to prevent extra frizz, I’d recommend using the medium setting on your hairdryer and finishing off with a blast of cold air, to close the cuticle for smoothness and shine”.

Is my dandruff because of a dry scalp? 

“Annoyingly, dandruff can be a symptom of many things, so it might not always be easy to tell. If your hair is very dry and your scalp is itchy it could be because of a dry scalp, but equally, if the dandruff appears clumped or greasy, it can actually be the opposite problem to dryness – so it’s important to first work out why you have the dandruff before trying to treat it”. 

“It could also be a build-up of product that’s giving you dandruff, I’d recommend to anyone who uses products in their hair to use a deep cleansing shampoo at the end of the day to rinse them out. I’d also recommend using conditioner, which can help a dry scalp. If it persists or really starts getting you down, you should look into seeing a trichologist”.

Should I switch shampoos in summer?

“It sounds strange, but hair can build up a resistance to one shampoo, so you can try switching them out seasonally. Sometimes hair needs different things in different weather conditions, but you should always stick to a similar ‘family’ of shampoos with the same properties. For example, if you know your hair gets frizzy, stick to moisturising shampoos even if you’re switching the type or brand”.

Can I stop my hair getting dry, even in hot weather?

“You can! There are lots of hot weather hacks you can use to keep your hair hydrated in the sun. My favourite tip is to apply our Everything Mask while poolside and wrap your hair up in a towel if you’d like. The heat will help your hair absorb the mask, you can leave it in while sunbathing, and it’ll protect your hair from the sun while in the pool. Simply wash it out in the evening for super shiny, moisturised hair”.