What is the difference between our Permanent Kits, Root Touch Ups and Glosses & Glazes?

Created on April 12, 2024

A question we often get asked from our customers is what is the difference between our Permanent Colour Hair Colour Kits, our Glosses & Glazes, and our Root Touch-ups. We’re here to make the world of hair colour simpler - so let’s breakdown the differences between the products. 

The Josh Wood Colour Expert Permanent Hair Colour Kit.

Expert Permanent Hair ColourThe Josh Wood Colour Expert Permanent Hair Colour Kit is designed to permanently change the colour of hair, without the hair colour washing out. There is simply the Permanent Hair Colour on its own, but also we have Shade Shots to customise the tone of hair depending on whether you want a warmer or cooler finish to the hair colour. As well as our customer favourite, award-winning Miracle System which comes with the Permanent Colour, Shade Shot, and the Miracle Shot to add an extra boost and shine to your hair! 

When mixed with a developer, permanent hair dye opens the cuticles that comprise the surface of the hair shaft and delivers colour deep inside. For the Miracle System, this also means that the nutrients from the Miracle Shot also get deep into the hair. The cuticle then reseals, preventing the hair colour (and condition from the Miracle Shot!) from escaping. 

And the best part of our Permanent Hair Colours as said by our customers is the fact that it offers 100% grey coverage, especially when using our Miracle System, which conditions while it colours, made in a selection of natural colours perfectly designed for you. 

Josh Wood Colour Root Touch Ups

Blending Brush and Root SmudgeJosh Wood Colour offers temporary, quick fix Expert Root Touch-up & Concealers to disguise any stray greys or strips of regrowth between colouring. Josh Wood Colour’s Root Touch-Ups consist of the iconic Root Smudge, Blending Brushes, Root Markers as well as Airbrush Root Touch-Up Sprays, there’s a root touch up solution for everyone. Our Root Smudge powders were voted Number 1 in the Guardian for root cover-ups. Our Root Touch-Up products are wash-out solutions to help to disguise greys and disguise root regrowth in between salon appointments. 

Josh Wood Colour Glosses & Glazes 

Glosses and GlazesAt Josh Wood Colour, we adore semi-permanent Hair Colour for its ability to refresh our look but without the commitment of permanent dye. Our semi-permanent hair colours doesn’t contain any ammonia or use a developer, and is designed only to deposit colour onto the surface of the hair - a little like staining rather than transforming. 

Our range of Glosses and Glazes are great semi-permanent colours that act like toners, and like our permanent colour, actually improve your hair’s condition while the colouring process is taking place. Our Glosses and Glazes are usually last up to washes, so they are a great option for trying something out or for giving your hair a pick-me-up 

Our Hair Glaze collection is also a semi-permanent hair colour, but in three beautiful pastel colours: Pink Quartz, Blue Reef and Peach Blush. These work on light hair and last up to 3-5 washes for the ideal, low commitment, bright summery hair colour. 

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