3 Halloween Hair Ideas from our expert hair stylists



It’s the spookiest time of the year! Our Josh Wood Colour professional hair stylists and hair colourists took the opportunity to create some fun 2021 halloween hair looks to inspire you at home. 

Cruella De Vil - The Iconic Two-tone Hair Colour



With the release of Cruella this year, this is THE year to channel this Disney icon for Halloween. Here, our colourist Veronica created this split dye by deeping model Lucy’s brunette by using our Black Onyx Gloss, a semi-permanent black hair colour  (that will wash out after Halloween in a few washes!) and then sectioning off one side of the front to bleach. On the bleached section, she used the Josh Wood Icy Blonde Gloss to create a cool blonde tone and neutralise any brassiness. For a great non-permanent alternative, try a blonde clip-in hair piece or hair extension to recreate this without having to use bleach. 

Expert stylist Mike then created lots of micro-braids and put the hair under heat using a diffuser and hair dryer combination. When the braids are released, they are brushed out and a volume spray and hairspray are used to create a huge volume and hold; exactly what you need for the perfect Cruella hair look. We’re obsessed!


Jessica Rabbit Hair - Glamorous Hollywood Waves




It’s giving glamour, it’s giving polish, and it’s giving us serious hair envy. Meet the easy-to-create halloween hair inspiration perfect for your event.  The ideal halloween look for red hair, this one’s all about a deep side parting, big, voluminous curls and your best red lipstick. 

Colourist Saffy enhanced model Josh’s red hair colour first, which you can do at home with the Josh Wood Colour Cherry Gloss or Copper Gloss - or both! These are also great even if you don’t have red hair, as they’ll give you a temporary red hair tone that’ll last 3-5 washes. 

Then stylist James worked his magic by creating a flattering side parting, then blow drying Josh’s hair and pinning the curls up to set. At home, the easiest way to create this is with a wide-barrelled curling tong, working in sections and making sure to get right into the roots for maximum volume. Bring the front section of hair forward to partially cover your eyes for that signature Jessica Rabbit look!

Cleopatra - Timeless Beauty of Silky Black Hair 


All hail the Hallo-Queen! 

We are in love with this take on the iconic Cleopatra-inspired look, created for our model Ella. The ultimate halloween hair goals!

First, Saffy used the Josh Wood Colour Black Onyx Gloss to enhance the deep black tone of Ella’s hair and create lots of shine on that signature straight black hair for the Cleopatra hairstyle. Then expert stylist Noemie braided Ella’s hair back and created a shiny, straight section at the back of the head, showcasing a modern interpretation of the look (it doesn’t always have to have a fringe!). 

Noemie finished the styling with lots of gold hair clips and beads, which complimented Ella’s amazing makeup and gold jewellery. 

Halloween is all about having fun with your costume and hair, so grab your comb, your inspiration, and let’s get creative!



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