Ammonia free hair dye: why this chemical should be avoided

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Colour and how to dye hair isn’t the only thing you should be double-checking on a box of hair dye. 

When it comes to getting the luxury hair treatment, a sneak peek of the ingredients in at-home products can reveal a lot about what you’re getting into. Sometimes, not every item on that list is good… 

Whether you’re opting for platinum blonde hair, auburn hair, or the deepest black hair colour, there’s one item you don’t want to find in your box dye and it goes by the not-so-innocent name of ammonia. 

So is ammonia bad for hair and what does ammonia do to hair? What’s so bad about it and why doesn’t it feature in any of our products? As a powerful chemical, ammonia changes the Ph level of your hair and can cause permanent damage that leaves hair looking unhealthy, brittle, and dryer than the Sahara. 

The good news is that our permanent hair dye doesn’t need ammonia to fulfil its task of locking in colour. Our selection of shades offers 100% coverage of greys in order to leave your hair looking and feeling like you’ve just visited a hair salon. 

The formula offers a healthy, gentler approach to dyeing hair that refuses to compromise on intensity or strength. That means your hair condition stays stronger for longer in the exact same way your hair colour does. 

Oh, and your scalp is just as important as your hair. Ditching the ammonia means you’re much less likely to experience any kind of skin irritation while dyeing your hair. 

The goal of any good hair dye is to offer a polished finish without causing damage. This ethos rings true when it comes to sourcing ingredients. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan, proving you really can have it all when it comes to ethical and effective hair colouring and hair care products

For extra condition, weekly use of our Everything Mask offers an ultra-moisturising hair treatment to prevent dryness. Texture is just as important as tone which is why it’s so essential to be kind to your mane at every stage of your hair dyeing journey.

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Our hair colour and texture specific shampoos and hair conditioners are designed to give your hair the personalised treatment it deserves. The ingredients list of each item focuses on what benefits your hair type the most, including UV filters to prevent sun damage.

From Fizzy Brunette to Fine Blonde, these items prove that haircare doesn’t begin and end with dye. From start to finish, our products are here to help you achieve flawless results from the comfort of your own home.

Keep on saying no to ammonia!

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