An expert guide on how to dye someone else's hair at home

Colouring your hair at home can have its challenges, especially when it comes to applying hair colour to the back of your head. Whether you’re applying hair colour for the first time or just missing the salon experience, sometimes it’s nice to have an extra pair of helping hands when understanding how to dye hair. 

We’ve spoken to our expert colourists for their easy hair colour application guide for friends and family. Read on how to train up your very own at-home hair colourists.

An expert guide on how to dye someone else's hair at home


Before you begin your at-home hair colouring session...

It’s easy to replicate the salon experience at home with our range of hair colouring accessories. Pop on your Josh Wood Colour gown, place your Josh Wood Colour towel over your shoulders and lay out everything you’ll need in front of you. To truly channel hair salon vibes, why not enjoy a nice cup of tea and a glossy magazine while your helper gets to work. 

Top Tip: Your at-home colourist should wear a dark t-shirt to avoid any hair dye staining on their clothes.

Sectioning is everything with applying hair colour - the neater the sections, the neater the application, the better the results. Ask your at-home hairdresser to brush through your hair first (and enjoy a little moment of relaxation as they do so). Once the hair is tangle-free they should start sectioning the hair into a hot cross bun. To do this simply part the hair down the middle with a comb and then create an additional parting at the ear on each side, so you have four in total. Clip up, apply your barrier cream along the hairline, and you’re good to go. 

An expert guide on how to dye someone else's hair at home

Ready? Time for your personal hairdresser to get to work!

You know how the colourist in the hair salon uses a bowl and brush to get their application just right? Your at-home colourist can do that too with our range of professional hair colouring tools. Simply mix together your A and B from your Permanent Colour Kit with your Shade Shot and Miracle Shot in your bowl. 

Get your at-home colourist to start the application of permanent hair colour to the areas where you are most grey, this gives these areas the longest time to develop. Home-colourists, stand in front of your ‘client’ and take 1cm thick sections, dip the applicator brush into the bowl and pack on the hair colour onto the roots, being careful not to accidentally brush the colour off.

A good tip when working around the front of the hairline is to apply the hair colour away from the face, to avoid skin staining. 

The back of the head is where those second set of hands come in really handy. Taking the same size sections as in the front, you can either work horizontally starting at the crown and moving to the nape, or work vertically, splitting the hair into orange shaped segments. 

Once the hair roots are applied, go back over the application to make sure even coverage has been achieved. 

For the ultimate ‘you wouldn’t believe it wasn’t hair salon colour’ result, finish off your colour application with a Gloss. Our Glosses are semi-permanent hair treatments which condition your hair as they colour for high shine results. Ten minutes into your hair dye developing time apply your Gloss (it needs 20 minutes to process.) Ask your at-home colourist to dampen your hair first and then apply the Gloss through mid-lengths at ends, like a hair conditioner. 

While you develop your hair colour

Use your thirty minute hair dye processing time for a little pamper session. Paint each other's nails, don matching sheet masks, you could even treat yourselves to a glass of wine, the hard work is over now. 

After thirty minutes it’s time to rinse. In a salon, your hair colour would be rinsed at the backwash, but we’re guessing most of you don’t have one to spare in your home salons. For this stage you might want to give your home colourist a break and jump in the shower to rinse your hair colour off yourselves. Although you could always ask for a sneaky head massage first!  

Congratulations, you're a quick blow dry away from soft, shiny strands with 100% grey hair coverage. Now it’s time to thank your partner for lending a helping gloved hand!

An expert guide on how to dye someone else's hair at home

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