An Expert Opinion on TikTok Hair Trends


Hashtags, hair and how-to’s: TikTok is all about sharing those viral tiktok hair trends, and at Josh Wood Colour we love to see collective creativity. We rounded up some of our favourites and put them to our very own Noémie Renvoizé, Principle Stylist at the Josh Wood Colour Atelier, to bring you the expert voice on the truth behind the hype and what trends to try.


Rice water rinse


Yes, that’s right - rice. TikTok creators swear by its capabilities to make hair shiny, healthy, conditioned and nourished.

‘It’s a technique that goes back centuries from Japan, China and Southeast Asia where women have beautiful long healthy hair’, says Noémie. ‘Rice water contains vitamins B and E, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, which help improve the health and shine of your hair. Even if hair growth is still unproven, keeping hair healthy will avoid split ends and breakage which helps you to keep your hair as long as possible.’

How to make rice water for hair, should you fancy giving it a go: using equal parts rice to water that is left to sit overnight, rinse hair with the liquid after shampooing. Or, if DIY products aren’t quite your thing, try the Miracle System when you next colour your hair. Our Miracle Shot contains those much-desired vitamins B3 & 5 that are clinically proven to make hair shinier and stronger. 



An Expert Opinion on TikTok Hair Trends


Heatless curls 

How to create gorgeous curls and waves without the styling damage? Count us in. TikTok creators know how, and they can use everyday household objects to achieve this. Dressing gown cords, socks and tights are just some of the ways of creating long-lasting textured styles without compromising hair’s condition with heated tools. Noémie reminds us that ‘it works best if your hair is naturally wavy, but on straighter hair, you should use a mousse or volumizing spray for hold’. Head to our heatless hair hacks roundup for a full breakdown of how to pull off these looks. And if minimising damage is your hair goal, don’t forget a weekly nourishing hair treatment, like our Miracle Hair Mask.

Curtain bangs

The popularity of the 70s aesthetic at the moment includes some serious face shaping hairstyles and layering; championed by TikTok’s commitment to ‘curtain bangs’, or the curtain fringe. ‘Curtain bangs are great if the last time you had a fringe is when you were 4 years old and your mum cut it for you!’, adds Noemie. ‘It's a great introduction to bangs, it frames the face and brings softness when your hair is up. The best way to style it to use a round brush but creating a bend with a straightener works very well too’.



Pastel colours never go out of style, and hair TikTok keeps them constantly looking fresh and enviable. In particular, temporary hair colours are the ideal; allowing anyone and everyone to try out a fun pop of pastel hair colour without the long-term commitment. In fact, we’ve been working hard on just that. Want to know more? Sign up here to be the first to know.





 Chunky highlights & with bright colours

...and TikTokkers have shown us that it doesn’t have to be one size / colour that fits all. They’ve inspired us to get creative not only with hair colour, but with technique. We’re seeing pink highlights, peach dip dyes, blue hair undercolours, mermaid and unicorn hair, and the famous ‘E-girl’ face-framing chunky front sections. Bright colours do tend to require hair that is blonde or pre-lightened with bleach, so this is something to bear in mind when considering giving bright hair colours a go. Want a temporary wash of red hair colour? Try our Cherry Gloss, which can be used by brunettes and darker shades too, for a gorgeous red hair colour that lasts up to 8 washes. 





Turns out, lots of people have curlier hair than they thought they did. #curlscheck is all about education on how to bring the best out of natural curls, coils, waves and textures. 

Noémie says: ‘As a curly hair lover, I’m very excited to see people embracing their natural texture, a lot of people who thought their hair was just frizzy now realise that with good care their hair is actually curly! I would definitely recommend following a few curly hair accounts to learn tips and tricks about products and different techniques to define curls.’

Rule number 1 with curls: NEVER use a towel to dry the hair! Use gentler materials, like our AQUIS hair turban to scrunch dry without disturbing texture.






So there we have it: HairTok’s finest wisdom. We’ll certainly be giving these a go!






An Expert Opinion on TikTok Hair Trends

Noémie Renvoizé is a Principal Stylist at Josh Wood Colour. For chic, effortless, French girl hair look no further than Noémie. Cool, with an innate sense of style, she is the master of the elusive 'done yet undone' hair. Click here to book an appointment with her. 

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