Autumn hair trends

Autumn hair trends

As the days get colder and the leaves tumble from the trees, the warmth of rich copper and chestnut tones feel very inviting. As well as flattering the skin, it’s an easy way to refresh and spice up hair colour as you adjust your wardrobe with autumnal pieces.

Our colourists are creating lots of these beautiful shades in Josh Wood Colour Atelier - and because you can add warmth to both light and dark hair anyone can wear a version of the look. "The colours complement the skin tone in cooler, winter light and they stand out," says Josh.

Josh and the team visited ITV's This Morning to discuss why these rich ‘Autumn foliage-inspired' colours are so on trend, and how everyone can create their own version of Autumn hair.

Spiced Pumpkin

Autumn hair trends

Seen on the likes of Jessica Chastain and Eleanor Tomlinson this is all about adding copper tones into light hair. For This Morning we worked with the gorgeous Amber, giving her a root tint and really dialling up those rich copper tones to enhance her pale blue eyes.

"Autumn hair, like Autumn skin needs nourishment. The real message for all of these colour changes, when adding warmer tones to the hair, is that the hair has to look really glossy and healthy. Use a weekly mask, such as my Miracle Mask, to promote and protect the colour."- Josh Wood

Toasted Chestnut

Toasted Chestnut is a Josh Wood Colour favourite, as it can be achieved in the salon or at home. Inspired by Zendaya at the Spiderman premiere, this look on Rhianna was created using our Shade Shot Gloss in Chestnut Brunette.

Autumn hair trends

'This is a great option if your summer highlights have grown out. The rich tones of Toasted Chestnut will refresh colour and add a little seasonal spice,' says Josh.

Liquid Caramel

Autumn hair trends

Creating a flattering halo of warmer butterscotch tones through dark hair, there is no better inspiration for Liquid Caramel than Jennifer Lopez’s signature hair shade.

We created this look on Annette by first applying chunky highlights, then using four different tones to blend in the caramel hue, framing her face with the a halo of colour. This look is beautiful in the winter light, as it brightens the face and can be maintained at home using our Champagne Blonde Shade Shot Gloss.

"When choosing your Autumn colour, always work from the lightest piece of hair. Lighter hair gives a brighter colour result so considering this will help you judge the shade you want. Semi-permanent colour is a great way to test different tones and find the right shade for you." - Josh Wood

We love sharing our world of colour on This Morning. Big thanks to Vicky and their team, plus the wonderful Rhianna, Annette and Amber for so elegantly wearing the Autumn trends. And the Josh Wood Colour creative team; Danielle Keates, Zoe Lett, Nicholas Hardwick and Jason Sutton.

To watch Josh speak in more detail about Chestnut Brunette, click here. To shop our care range click here.

Autumn hair trends

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