Best Hair Colour Trends for Autumn/Winter from Josh Wood Colour

The best hair colour trends for Autumn/Winter  from Jay Hogan, Master Colourist at Josh Wood.

Jay Hogan, expert colourist

Passionate about creating hair colour trends, expert colourist Jay says “At Josh Wood this autumn, whether the client is a buttery blonde, beauteous brunette or a ravishing redhead we are keeping everything polished, very deliberate and high contrast through the mids to the ends.” 

Here are some of his favourite autumn winter hair colour trends that you can do in the Salon or at home. The big question is what’s it to be? Cinnamon brunette hair with copper tones or buttery blonde with shimmering gold.  And Jay knows, if you are a red head then autumn is your time to shine. He says “The gold soft russets and orange tones that permeate nature really acts as the most wonderful backdrop to red and copper locks and is when we really dial up the vibrancy of our clients custom hue.”

Adding a hair gloss treatment between salon visits can give your hair a subtle hair colour enhancement, adding depth and dimension making your look healthy and lustrous.  You can create copper or cinnamon shades to deep burgundy on dark hair with Josh Wood Colour Gloss. You can add in tonal reds, with Berry, Rose or Cherry Gloss to give your hair rich autumnal tonal hues at home.  Don’t forget that adding in tonal depth with beautiful Copper or Caramel tones will also flatter fair to medium skin tones giving you that needed pick me up as nights get longer.

Katie is wearing caramel gloss

Katie has applied Caramel Gloss to her hair.

Jay also recognises the impact of winter on our complexion and what that means for our hair.

“As the darker evenings encroach we start to see our skin lose some of its summer glow, hair that is too dark sitting around your face or décolletage can easily wash you out, which is why I love lightening up my brunette clients and keeping blondes, ”blonde” with added depth.”

Why not channel your inner movie star by adding in a combo of mocha or caramelising  highlights on long hair giving you depth and tonal texture, think Catherine Zeta Jones. 

Chocolate and chestnut balayage is a great option to add radiance to dark hair. It looks really natural and the balayage accentuates the warm autumnal tonal hues. Adding waves to your hair will also give you more volume giving you luminous hydrated locks, think Cindy Crawford or Kaia Jordan Gerber.

For Blondes, think gold but not yellow, adding sparkle and tonal dimensions which allow blondes to really pop! Our autumn trends are all about adding warmth back into the hair and softening down those summer hues. Be inspired by Sienna Miller and Giselle.

Autumn isn’t just about making changes to your hair colour, it is also the perfect time to make changes to your hair care routine and giving your hair a much-needed deep conditioning boost. You can go into the salon and have deep hair conditioning treatments to repair sun damaged or over chlorinated hair.  It’s also a great time to change your at home routine prolonging your hair colour between treatments with our range of Josh Wood texture specific shampoo and conditioners packed with natural ingredients to make your hair colour shine.  For a game changing treatment try our award-winning Miracle Mask once a week that locks in hair colour, prevents fade and maintains condition, oh and it’s vegan too. 

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