Blonde hair trends: how to know which one suits you best

Toying with the idea of going blonde? There are several things to consider before selecting a blonde hair shade, but the good news is that anyone can dip their toes into lighter territory, regardless of natural tone.

As for the biggest blonde hair trends of 2020, here’s a rundown of some shades that’ll have you saying goodbye to the dark side. 

Blonde balayage

If you’re looking for a natural sunkissed look without the need for a lot of upkeep, balayage is something to consider. The soft, blended hair highlights involved in this treatment give a subtle hint of radiance to all hair colours, especially brown bases. 

Several colours fall under the term “blonde” with honey blonde, ash blonde, ash blonde icy blonde blonde balayage and bronde tones all offering a dreamy way to brighten your tone and add warmth to your complexion. Face-framing blonde streaks are a cute technique to add a youthful, beachy vibe to a classic look.

Boost your blonde balayage with use of our Champagne Shade Shot Gloss, a semi-permanent hair treatment that creates warm radiant tones with a multi-dimensional finish.



Strawberry blonde

One of the rarest hair colours in the world is also one of the most beautiful. This shade is lighter than red hair and warmer than blonde hair, making it a gorgeous blend of golden coppery tones. A hair colour like this can be warmed up or toned down depending on your complexion.

As for technique, it can be applied as a balayage or a full dye, depending on how committed you are to embracing the strawberry blonde life.

Blonde hair trends: how to know which one suits you best

Bronde Hair

Elle Macpherson, Gigi Hadid, and so many other celebs and influencers are fans of this deep blonde hair tone. 

This versatile hue gives brunettes a chance to explore lighter hues without committing to harsh platinum tones. Bridging the gap between blonde and brunette has never looked so good or so easy.



Ash blonde

People with cooler undertones tend to look amazing with ash blonde hair. This shade of blonde is most striking with darker rooters and cooler ends. Ombrés with a hint of grey are all over Insta right now and tend to be most effective on naturally blonde hair or light brown bases.

Banish brassiness and maintain this look at home with our Icy Blonde Gloss.  


Silver blonde

Take ash blonde hair one step further with a full silver blonde look. This white blonde style contains metallic undertones that’ll leave you looking like a glamorous ice queen… in the best way! The only downside to this shade is the amount of upkeep darker roots will need.



Shadow roots

This edgy hair colouring technique utilises your natural roots for a super-easy way to experiment with whatever shade of blonde catches your fancy. For the most part, clients tend to embrace a natural dark root that creates a shadow against their fresh blonde dye job. 

Whatever you choose, our Fine and Frizzy blonde shampoo and conditioner is tailored to leave your hair do looking shiny, glossy, and healthy, with our Everything Mask ensuring your new hair colour stays nourished and sleek.

Blonde hair trends: how to know which one suits you best


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