Fun summer hair colour ideas and trends from Josh Wood experts



Warm weather, Rosé and plenty of bank holidays: this summer is set to be a fun one. The change of season is the perfect time to try something new with your hair, whether that’s styling, bolder colours or a combination of the two. Summer hair is all about having fun, getting creative and not taking it too seriously; yes, hair is everything, but now’s the time to be playful without worrying about your hard work being rained on. 

We spoke to Pete Burkhill, Principal Hair Stylist at the Josh Wood Atelier for his take on the biggest summer hair colour trends. 


1. What are the hottest hair colour trends for Summer this year?


‘It’s clear that across hair, fashion, and style generally, the 90’s are here to stay this year. But, with summer hair colour trends, we are finally seeing the more manicured styles from the noughties creeping in, when heat styling tools became regular household items’. 

Fear not, although the 90’s trends are back, you can still pick the best hairstyles to suit you whilst avoiding the more - how shall we put it? - unflattering looks. Like low rise jeans, hair that’s straightened to within an inch of its life isn’t for everyone. 

2. Blonde hair colour trends

This summer, the big hair colour trend we’re seeing is a return of a bold gold shade. More than just a hint of warmth, this trend is about replicating the sun in your hair colour. Think strong gold highlights, all over colour or gold balayage, often with a hint of copper gold too. 

Ask your colourist for warm golden blonde around the face to bring out your tan, or try warming up your colour at home with one of our semi-permanent hair glosses: Champagne or Copper.



3. Brown and brunette hair colour trends

The brunette and brown hair colour trend for Summer is what’s becoming known as ‘Frosted brunette’. This trend is all about creating a well-blended balayage on brunette hair that is very cool and ash-toned, giving it an expensive brunette finish. Maintenance is all about using a toner on lightened ends, or even better, maintain this cool brunette colour with our Icy Gloss


Fun summer hair colour ideas and trends from Josh Wood experts


4. Pastel and colourful hair trends

Summer is the perfect time to try out slightly bolder colours: think pastel pink, pastel peach, or lavender hair. These shades work well as a temporary hair colour, ideal for a festival, a long weekend or just to try out. This is why Josh created our Pastel Glaze range: for the ideal semi-permanent hair colour, designed to last 3-5 washes, for a pop of fun colour without committing to a bright permanent colour. 

Pink hair is a rolling trend, it’s always popular’, says Pete. ‘This is because pastel pink genuinely does suit all ages, skin tones and hair types. You just need a light enough base colour, and it’ll look great’. 

For those wanting to try out a bolder colour on brunette hair, there’s always red - opt for our Cherry Gloss for a semi-permanent red tone to brighten up your colour. 

Don’t want to use hair dye at all? Consider clip in hair extensions in fun colours for a more accessible fun summer hairstyle. 


Fun summer hair colour ideas and trends from Josh Wood experts


5. Hair Ornaments Trend

‘Ornamentation in hair has increased a lot over the past few years. It’s a great way of putting some colour and interest into hair without dyeing it’, says Pete. 

There’s lots of affordable options to try out - go girly with butterfly clips, or more chic with oversized claw clips. Whatever the length and style of your hair, you can try something new with hair accessories. 




6. Baby Braids Trend

Straight from the 90’s playbook: delicate, tiny baby braids. ‘If you know how to do a 3-strand plait, baby braids can really elevate a simple wavy hairstyle’. 

Simply choose sections at the hairline at your desired width, plait the hair and secure with bands or clips to make your hair look more ‘done’. Pete says, ‘this is particularly great for day 2 hair or hair that’s not freshly washed, like at a festival!’ 




7. Air Drying Trend

With warmer temperatures, the ‘wash and go’ trend is back. ‘Summer is the perfect time to embrace your natural texture’, says Pete. Sometimes this can take some trial and error, but a lot of people have some kind of wave or curl that with the right haircut, can be very flattering. 

Try scrunching hair with some gel, or use a texture spray for extra grip. Whatever your hair drying method, the condition of hair is key: use a hair mask like the Miracle Mask at least once a week, and never use a cotton towel to dry hair. Instead, opt for a microfibre towel or our AQUIS Hair Turban. 





Whether you’re refreshing your current look or trying something new altogether, we want to help find the best shade of you. For help, advice, guidance or a hair heart-to-heart, get in touch with our expert team by emailing

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