Ginger Hair Colour vs Copper Hair Colour: Are they the same?

When it comes to hair colours, ginger and copper are two shades that often get confused with each other. While they share similarities in their warm tones, they do have distinct differences that set them apart. Our team of experts are here to delve into the world of ginger and copper hair colours, exploring their unique characteristics and helping you determine which shade will suit you best. 

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Understanding the Difference between Ginger and Copper Hair Colours.

While Ginger and Copper Gold hair colours share similarities in their warm undertones, they have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Ginger hair tends to have a lighter, more golden tone, reminiscent of the spice it is named after. It often features a mix of orange and yellow undertones, giving it a vibrant, fiery appearance. On the other hand, Copper Gold hair is richer and deeper, with a more intense reddish-brown hue. 

A woman's hair before and after dyeing it red - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

How to know which shade is for me?

Would I look good with Ginger or Copper Hair is a question we hear on a regular basis. Determining whether ginger or copper hair will suit you depends on various factors, including your skin undertones and eye colours. 

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Will I suit Ginger Hair? 

If you have warm undertones in your skin, ginger hair can complement your complexion beautifully. It tends to bring out the golden hues in your skin, creating a glowing and radiant look. Ginger hair also often pairs well with blue, green, or hazel eyes. The warm tones of ginger can bring out the coolness in blue eyes and for green or hazel eyes, ginger hair can complement the earthy tones. 

The back of a woman's hair with long wavy hair - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

Is Copper hair for me? 

Copper Gold hair can work well with both warm and cool undertones. If you have warm undertones, it will enhance the natural warmth in your skin. For those with cool undertones, copper can create a striking contrast, making your complexion appear more vibrant. Copper hair can also be a fantastic choice for those with brown eyes as the reddish undertones tend to amplify the warmth in brown eyes. 

Copper Gold can be easily achieved at home by using the Josh Wood Colour Copper Gold Gloss or mixing in a Copper Gold Shade Shot to your Permanent Colour

Copper gold gloss on an orange background - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

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