Grey Stories - Shell, 37, who suffered postpartum hair loss

Every woman goes grey differently; some when young, some when older, and some not at all. Here at Josh Wood Colour we want to help you on your grey journey, whatever the path may be. Whether you want to celebrate grey, or never see one again in your life, we can help. This is why we're sharing real women's grey stories, and today we talk to Shell, 37, who suffered postpartum hair loss, and is only now starting to regain her pre-pregnancy hair - but isn't sure what to do with it.

"I’ve always felt quite lucky that I’ve got a nice dark brown natural colour, and my hair has always been lovely and thick. So when I suffered badly after my first child Rocco with postpartum hair loss, my relationship with my hair changed drastically.

"Along with being in my mid-thirties and finding the odd white hair more and more often, and my hair feeling so thin compared to what I was used to, it’s something I grew to be quite self conscious about.

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"I lost quite a lot of hair from around the front of my hairline around my temples, so it’s unfortunately hard to cover up, or style. Gradually my hair regained its thickness, but as a busy mum, I found it difficult to fit in any pamper time, so I fell into the habit of tying it up in a “mum bun” most days.

"I then had my second child, Valli, who is now 2, and the postpartum hair loss started all over again. It’s only been the last few months that my hair is starting to get back to its pre-pregnancy thickness.

"As my hair is naturally dark brown I do have a few white strands showing, which I have to admit, I find therapeutic to tweeze out. I know my mum always uses the old wives tale that two will replace the one you pull out, but as there’s only been odd strands up until now, that’s what I’ve done!

"After kindly being sent the Josh Wood Colour home kit to try - even though I’d never dyed my hair myself before - I decided to give it a go as the thinner areas around my temples have grown back slightly lighter than my natural hair colour. I also thought it would be good to cover the greys too! I found it really easy and quick to use so it’s definitely something I will do more regularly to keep the white hairs at bay. It matches by natural hair colour and looks lovely, but I think maybe I will go for a slightly darker colour next time.

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"Sometimes doing something a bit different with your hair can really give you a boost in confidence - I know I definitely feel better about myself when my hair is done. My hair feels in a lot better condition now, but I'd love to have a bit more of a style to it.

"I’ve had fringes in the past and love a statement fringe like Claudia Winkleman, but being a busy mum it’s not really maintainable. So for now; dry shampoo and mum buns most of the week are where I’m at!"

Josh recommends...

"I'm so glad your hair is returning to it's former glory. To maintain this, I'd suggest using a few products from our care range - such as our Everything Mask. A weekly use will keep your hair hydrated and in great condition, and will 'lock in' your new colour.

"You can use our shampoo and conditioner daily (or whenever you choose to wash your hair) to keep it clean and gorgeous; for you, I'd recommend our Radiating Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner, for fine brunette hair. Because our care range is sulphate free, it will prevent your new colour from fading.

"If you'd like to go slightly darker in your colour next time, I'd suggest shade 6.5, Dark Blonde, which will take your shade to a lovely chocolatey brunette. You can also add a Chestnut Brunette shade shot plus to your colour for a beautiful, rich cocoa finish".


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