How to boost your blonde

You don't have to colour your hair at home to use home hair colour products. Whether you want to revive your highlights between salon visits, refresh your bathroom blonde, or add a little oomph to your natural colour, we have a Shot Shot Gloss for you. So many of you told us you wanted something to make your hair feel more 'done' and less dull without making a huge change. Josh created Shade Shot Gloss Champagne Blonde to boost your blonde for a soft, sun kissed finish. Eve has never coloured her long blonde hair, and has always loved her natural colour. Here she and Josh talk through how to use Shade Shot Gloss in Champagne Blonde to enhance what she already has, as well as keeping it shiny and glossy.
And here, our team answer some of your most popular questions. Can I use the Gloss on my natural hair colour? Yes! The lovely Eve, in our video, used to overlook colour products, thinking they were just for people trying to keep up a dye, but Gloss is designed for her and you, too! In her words, 'the product ended up really bringing out what I already like about my colour, and made the natural variations in tone stand out like highlights, adding dimension. It feels kind of like having really good lighting all the time.'
How to boost your blonde
Is it Sulphate free? Yes – Gloss is kind to hair. Gloss is also 100% vegan, and loaded with quinoa, green walnut, perilla oil and shea butter (plus a handy a UV filter).. How do I use it? Gloss is like a hair mask: apply it to damp hair after shampooing, and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse as and style as normal. Gloss does not need to be mixed with anything else.
Gloss brought out what I already like about my colour, and made the natural variations in tones stand out - adding dimension. Eve
After using Champagne Blonde, my thin hair looked less flat, had extra oomph, like a nudge from "sort of warm blonde" to gleaming golden! Eve
I haven’t had my colour done since the end of May, and I’m super impressed with my results! My hair feels much glossier and shinier. And super soft too! Luce

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