How to Care for Blonde Hair



Getting your blonde hair to look bright and beautiful, and stay that way, shouldn’t be a secret. Blonde hair often requires more maintenance than darker shades, but it’s absolutely worth it. Whether you were born with blonde hair, you lighten your locks at the salon, or you're a bathroom blonde, we've got you covered. Blonde hair, DO care.


Colour without compromise

Ah, bleach. The gateway to our favourite blonde shades, but also a threat to the health and texture of blonde hair - the eternal compromise. But being blonde doesn’t have to mean compromise on the condition of your hair. Our ammonia-free Miracle System is clinically proven to deliver stronger, softer, healthier hair through colouring, with 62% less breakage. At-home blonde has literally never been so good for your hair. Whilst our blonde colours won’t lift or lighten your hair, they’re excellent for grey coverage or matching your natural blonde shade.



Try an in-betweener 

The familiar story: roots on blonde hair. What to do about them? For a temporary option for hiding dark roots, try our lightweight precision root touch-up spray, Champagne Airbrush. It’s designed to instantly cover grey regrowth whenever and wherever you need it.  

One of the advantages of having blonde hair is that grey roots don’t stand out as much as they would against darker shades. If you’re looking to cover those greys, simply pump, paint and blow-dry in our semi-permanent Blending Brush for 100% grey coverage that lasts up to 3 washes.


How to Care for Blonde Hair


Take care 

If you’ve lightened your hair in the salon it tends to be on the drier side. Overzealous washing can not only strip the hair of its natural oils but also cause colour to fade. Our sulphate-free cleansing hair care contains an abundance of antioxidant rich natural ingredients to keep your blonde hair light and bright. Our shampoo for blonde hair ensures a colour-protecting cleanse, whilst our blonde hair conditioner aids moisture without weighing hair down - keeping that all-important light-reflecting brightness. They also contain UV filters, which protect against hair colour damage from sunlight.



Masks can work miracles 

Blonde hair can be extra thirsty and in need of moisture to help it shine. Building a weekly treatment hair  mask into your routine can transform your strands from dull to dazzling. Our Miracle Mask locks in hair colour, prevents fade, and maintains condition and shine for a brilliant blonde. If you’re a salon user, make sure to incorporate this hair mask in between your balayage or highlights appointments. Your hairdresser will love you. We all know that colour looks its best, and is easier to achieve, when hair is in great condition - and that includes regular haircuts!



How to Care for Blonde Hair


Colour less, Gloss more

The key to a healthy blonde is to get your colour done on time, but not too frequently. Overdoing it on the highlights can cause damage and excessive dryness. Combine this with heat styling and mechanical damage, and your hair will suffer. Refresh your hair colour at home with Gloss, a semi-permanent treatment hair colour that works to keep your tone vibrant whilst deeply hydrating the hair. Looking for a brass-free blonde? Try Icy Blonde. For all the golden girls, Champagne Blonde will refresh any creamy, vanilla shades with sun-kissed tones.


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