How to stop hair colour fading in the summer

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Sun, swimming pools, beaches, parties: all part of a fun summer, and all things that will make your hair colour fade and lose the vibrancy it once had. So, what can you do to stop hair colour fading in the summer? We asked our own Josh Wood for his tips on how to prevent hair colour fading and what to do if it does to bring hair back to looking its best. 


1. Preventing hair colour fade is better than fixing it

‘Great hair colour is not possible without great hair condition’, says Josh. ‘Any hair colour products will always work better on hair that is well moisturised, healthy and well looked after’. 

So, to give your colour the best chance possible to prevent hair colour fade, make sure you’re following all the usual rules about looking after the health of your hair: avoid using too much heat when styling, use a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo, and choose your hair dye wisely. Using The Miracle System is the way to prevent hair damage when colouring your hair - Josh’s innovation, The Miracle Shot, is the first of its kind deep conditioner that works with your hair colour to deliver stronger, shinier and more protected hair every time you colour. 


How to stop hair colour fading in the summer



2. Choose the best hair dye for you

Why is my hair dye fading so fast? To prevent hair colour fade, it’s wise to choose a high-quality product that’s designed to last. Our Permanent Colour is expertly formulated, and designed to wear well over time by using salon-quality ingredients. If you usually use a semi-permanent or a Gloss, it might be worth considering committing to a more longer-lasting colour in order to keep it looking fresher for longer. 


3. Remember the classic hair colour care rules

Don’t underestimate the good old fashioned common sense hacks to stop hair colour fading: wear a wide-brimmed hat! Particularly for red hair dye, which fades fast, this is an important one.  Like your skin, hair benefits from having a physical barrier to UV light, and this is a simple, fashionable way to extend the life of your hair colour in summer. You can also experiment with protective hairstyles: buns, plaits and anything that decreases the surface area of hair that sees sunlight will help to protect the overall look of your hair colour. And finally, take it easy when swimming in the pool or the sea; keeping your hair dry with your neck above water will help protect hair from harsh seawater or chemicals from swimming pools.


4. Provide barriers by using hair care with UV filters

Like wearing sunscreen on your skin, you can do the same for your hair! ‘A great way to help stop hair colour fade in summer is to use hair products that have UV filters in them, like our Miracle Mask’, says Josh. Used at least once a week, the Miracle Mask will keep hair moisturised whilst helping to protect hair from the colour-fading damage caused by UV light in the summer sun.


How to stop hair colour fading in the summer



5. Summer hair care

The key to stopping hair colour fading is to maintain a good hair washing routine. Only wash your hair when you need to; if you’ve been swimming, if it’s greasy with sunscreen etc. ‘The important thing about keeping your hair colour looking vibrant is to use a good quality sulphate free shampoo, like our Miracle Shampoo’, Josh reminds us. This will prevent the colour being washed out prematurely by harsh, colour-stripping shampoos. Avoid anything that claims to be ‘clarifying’, as this will remove more pigments than a more gentle option. It’s better to shampoo twice with a gentle shampoo than to use a harsher one once. 


6. Refresh your hair colour when needed

‘Sometimes it’s hard to prevent hair colour fade in the summer, so it’s good to stock up on products you know will help, like a Gloss’, says Josh. Get to know how your hair behaves in summer and in the sun: does your blonde hair go yellow or look brassy? Try Icy Gloss. Does your brunette look a lot more red? Try Smoky Brunette Gloss. Knowing this allows you to be prepared and help keep your colour looking fresh. 

How to stop hair colour fading in the summer

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