Introducing Claire, 30, who doesn’t want a bad hair day to ruin her day

Josh: Claire has the most gorgeous hair - just look at that shine! She was so sweet and kind on set and such a wonderful model, too.

I was 22 when I first started going grey, my mum went grey really early too. It shocks you a bit because you don’t expect to see it, and with my dark hair it really stood out. I felt old before my time.

On colouring her hair over the years...Until now it had mostly been the same. I'd pick a colour I liked based on the box, but it was never what was inside the box - it always came out differently on my hair and I was always disappointed. It limited me trying new things as I never knew what the results would be.

On her Josh Wood Colour...Josh Wood Colour has taken away my fear. I know what results I'm going to get and I love them. My colour is fabulous, it's natural, it's not a block colour. It's got all these tones to it.

On being chosen as a campaign star...I felt so happy and excited to be picked as one of the campaign stars. Just to go London and have my hair done was such a treat and to do the shoot as well was an experience I won't forget!

Claire loves...


Level 6.0 and Chestnut Brunette gives Claire a warm, chocolatey finish

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The Blending Brush is perfect for Claire's stray greys.


The Everything Mask will help care for Claire's colour treated ends.

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