Introducing Farrah, 37, who found her beauty in being 'different'

Introducing Farrah, 37, who found her beauty in being 'different'

Josh: Farrah has such an old school glamour about her. She was so natural on set, taking to the camera like a fish to water. Her beautiful brunette brilliantly shows off the chestnut tones from the Shade Shot Plus.

I remember finding my first grey like it was yesterday...I was 32, in a hotel room in Chicago. I’d just come off a really long flight, I looked in the mirror and there it was. I rang my husband basically crying! I didn’t know anyone at my age with grey hair - my dad didn’t go grey until he was 50!

Introducing Farrah, 37, who found her beauty in being 'different'

On learning to love her hair...As a teenager I just wanted to fit in. Everyone at school had silky, fine hair, but as my mother is Welsh and Afghan, my hair was super dark and unruly. It was only as I entered my 20s, I embraced and love being 'different' to the people I was around. I think this is partially down to the rise of actresses and movies showing more representation of mixed race women in films - they’re beautiful, and I realised I can be beautiful too.

On being chosen as a campaign star... Josh Wood, the man himself is so nice and humble! I loved being a part of a campaign with the brand owner being so involved! He was there fixing hair, even giving feedback on make-up and styling. I really connected with the brand through such amazing people and products! My hair is the best it’s ever been.

On her new Josh Wood Colour...

It's better than ever. Truly my hair's always shiny and glossy. After I wash it I don't have to do anything to it. It's just so easy and manageable and so smooth.

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