Introducing Joma, 39, who is being complimented by strangers on her hair colour

Josh: Joma has the most amazing look and incredible energy. The coolness of the Smoky Brunette Shade Shot Plus really comes to life in her curls.

My best hair is what I have at the moment. I love the colour as it's so glossy and shiny. It's full of different tones - the camera says it all.


On her relationship with her hair...It has been an emotional journey: there's been ups and downs, with changes all the time. As a woman, your hair does feel very important, it frames your face and it's the first thing people see when they talk to you.


On her grey story... When I was about 25, I noticed a few grey strands coming through, it gradually got worse, but I ignored it, going along with 'out of sight out of mind.' When it comes to covering greys, I've tried everything but previously have always been disappointed - a lot of box colours didn't cover my grey, or they gave me a flat, one tone, dense colour.


On her Josh Wood Colour...I love it! It's vibrant in colour with lots of tones, covers all my grey, it smells amazing, plus the price point is spot on - I highly recommend!

Joma loves...


'I love the colour as it's so rich and shiny. It's full of different tones.'


'It's so easy to apply and it keeps my greys covered in between colours.'


'The shampoo and conditioner really help keep my hair under control and define my curls.'

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