Introducing Minal, 43, who has finally found her dream hair.

Introducing Minal, 43, who has finally found her dream hair.

Josh: On the shoot, Minal was so joyful, and as you can see, that really shines through in her campaign portrait.

I was in my early 30’s when I got my first grey hair, right after my first baby. My hair had already changed due to the pregnancy hormones, but I was still shocked. It felt like the start of getting old. I just thought: ‘oh God, what’s next?'

Introducing Minal, 43, who has finally found her dream hair.

On her hair colouring experiences... I've never coloured my hair in a salon; because, quite honestly, with my type of hair, it's rarely done well. Friends with thick Indian hair like mine go the salon and come out with flat colour, or even worse, it goes orange. I used to use other home colour brands but was pretty unhappy with the results. My greys still shone though after colouring, and the colour never really took hold on my thick hair, or would result in what I call ‘Lego hair’ - a block of one tone colour.

On her Josh Wood Colour... I started using Josh Wood Colour before the campaign and have never looked back. The colour is so natural - not too dark and perfect for me. It gives depth which I think is hard to achieve on my natural hair colour, and it covers every grey strand, even those stubborn thicker strands that never took to past dyes! I love the way Josh has raised the bar with this by providing the protective cream (genius), quality fitted gloves, the most luxurious conditioner and best of all, it smells amazing!

On her dream hair...I have typical Indian hair – thick, long and dark. I’ve never had the confidence to be adventurous. What I've learnt is that to get my dream hair, I don’t have to drastically change the colour of it. Josh Wood Colour has managed to put dimensions in my hair and make it look completely different, without making me look like different person, or ruining my hair.

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