Introducing Sally, 48, who is rocking her own brand of garden centre glam

Josh: Sally's vivacious personality came through within the first two seconds of her video! She was so fun on set; she had the whole team in hysterics and the day wouldn't have been the same without her! Watch Sally's whole story below...

When I was 18 I found my first grey... I thought I could just pluck it out but as time went on, by my mid-30's, I was needing to regularly colour my hair.

On her hair colouring journey... Occasionally, I've had my hair coloured at salons, but in general I colour at home. I've had to experiment with brands over the years as too many have given my hair a brassy, heavy finish. I found Josh Wood Colour six months ago and haven't looked back! The whole experience felt entirely different; my hair was in much better condition afterwards, it felt luxurious and it smelt lovely. The best thing is that I can manage my hair myself now, it's given me the freedom a busy, working mum needs.

On being chosen as a campaign star... I had just arrived home from a really hot, hard day at the garden centre when I saw the competition on Instagram and thought I would go for it. So in one take I applied...literally off the top of my head, and was ecstatic when I heard I had been chosen! Finally, hair help was on it's way. I couldn't stop dancing around.

Sally loves...


'I love the shade 6.0 Permanent Colour; it covers all my grey but is soft enough to not give me a build up of residue.'


'The Root Marker is a mini-miracle. I can quickly and easily colour my greys away. Perfect for fine, accurate, daily touch ups.'


'I LOVE the Everything Mask. It has completely transformed my hair back to how it was 20 years ago.'

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