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Introducing Sarah, 50, who is quite happy not to turn back the clock

Josh: Sarah has a really interesting grey story, as she actually prefers her hair texture since turning grey. It was really important to us to capture the differences in women's hair colour experiences. It was also great having a fellow Northerner as part of the campaign! Read Sarah's whole story below...

Sarah's story...

I was in my 30’s when I first started getting greys. I have a twin sister who has no grey, so there’s no rhyme or reason to it.

On her relationship with her hair...It has definitely changed. When I was younger, it was super fine, and as a result, it was the type of hair that needed to be washed every day. For years I would get up for work, wash, blow-dry and style it. As I started to grey the texture changed, it became fuller and thicker. I much prefer it now, as it has more body and doesn’t need to be styled as frequently.

On her Josh Wood Colour... The best hair I’ve ever had is now, I absolutely love the colour and cut, it's given me so much more confidence. I had never realised my hair suited a cool tone, I always thought blonde was just blonde. But now I know I can use the Icy Blonde Shade Shot Plus to get my dream hair.

On how her hair makes her feel...If I wake up and my hair doesn't look great, until I have it right, I won't have a good day. Once my hair is sorted, the rest doesn't matter too much. If I have great hair I don't need as much makeup.

Sarah loves...


Level 9.0 and Icy Blonde Shade Shot Plus will banish any brassy tones in Sarah's blonde.


The Tinted Dry Shampoo is perfect for Sarah, it refreshes roots as well as covering greys.


The Shade Refreshing Shampoo and Conditioner give Sarah fresh smelling hair and great volume.

We'd love to hear your stories...

We know everyone is different. Whether you are looking for colour, care, or just advice, our Expert Colourists are here to help.

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