Introducing the new faces of Josh Wood Colour

Two of the most important things to us at Josh Wood Colour is celebrating great women, and great hair colour. So, back in August, we hosted a competition in partnership with skincare queen Caroline Hirons to find 12 campaign stars for an exciting new launch. We had hundreds of entries - and after some hard deliberation - we settled on our winners; 12 women we really felt could tell the Josh Wood Colour story.

"These are strong, beautiful, busy women with a story to tell about how their hair makes them feel. We are honoured to have each woman as an ambassador for our brand" - Josh.

Sally, 48, who is rocking her own brand of garden centre glam.

‘I spend time in the morning doing my hair and makeup even though I work outside in a garden centre. I love being a woman, I celebrate my femininity, I’m proud to be who I am, and I want my outside to represent my inside.’

Sarah, 50, who is quite happy not to turn back the clock.

‘I prefer my hair now to when I was younger. It’s become fuller and thicker and the grey has made it more textured. Obviously, I’d like to be 30 years younger, but I have much more confidence now and I’m happy with how I look.’

Joma, 39, who is being complimented by strangers on her hair colour.

'People are stopping me on the street to say how amazing my hair colour looks.'

Claire, 30, who doesn’t want a bad hair day to ruin her day.

‘I definitely feel in tune with my hair! If my hair’s looking rubbish, I feel rubbish; if I have curly hair, I feel more glam, both in my hair and in myself.’

Vanessa, 60, who proves (curly) blondes have more fun.

‘To be a campaign star at my age is remarkable, the world of advertising and marketing is all the better for including the older generation for we have a growing voice in the world of commerce.’

Sharon, 47, who is ready to stand out.

‘I've spent most of my life trying to figure out what my hair likes and it doesn't like. I've finally realised that a natural-looking colour and my natural curls suit me best.'

Emma, 31, who wants to cancel greys, not meetings.

‘My hair and my emotions are definitely connected. I don’t feel confident when my hair isn’t good, I don’t feel like myself. I wouldn’t feel confident in a business meeting if I had my roots showing. Obviously, greys are natural, but they don’t feel natural on me.’

Simona, 35, who proves princess hair doesn’t only exist in fairy tales.

‘My friends’ kids used to call me Rapunzel. I’m a strong believer that you should always go for what naturally looks best on you, and I love having my hair dead straight.’

Noa, 44, who discovered her first grey hair aged 10.

‘I found my first grey hair really early, at 10; at 18 I had a white stripe and it spread from there. I didn’t mind my grey when I was so young, it was just funny. I dyed it funky colours so I didn’t feel like I was getting older.’

Minal, 43, who has finally found her dream hair.

‘What I've learnt is that to get my dream hair, I don't have to drastically change the colour of it. Josh Wood Colour has managed to add dimensions to my hair and make it look completely different, without making me look like a different person.’

Farrah, 37, who found her beauty in being 'different'.

‘I remember finding my first grey like it yesterday, I was 32, in a hotel room in Chicago. I was travelling for work, I’d just come from a really long flight, I looked in the mirror and it was just there, sticking out at the front. I rang my husband basically crying!’

Antonella, 47, whose children are scared of their mamma getting older.

‘I first went grey a few years back…I wasn’t ready for it, and neither were my kids, they asked me never to go grey! I think they’re scared of their mamma getting old! They see my grey hair and just say…’put a box on it!’

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