Katherine Jenkins: Hair Colour Profile

Katherine Jenkins might be most famous for her beautiful opera voice, but her flawless hair is a national treasure in its own right.

As a natural bronde, early pictures of Katherine prove she’s always had a soft caramel tint to her hair. Since finding fame, she’s explored several different hues between the colours of light brown & platinum blonde and it’s safe to say they all look equally gorgeous. 



Taken from Katherine Jenkins Instagram. 

Today, her hair is a gorgeous honey blonde shade that fully embodies classic Hollywood glam. Paired with those signature structured waves, this timeless style and cool colour suits her profession and personality perfectly. 




Even so, Katherine has experimented with edgier colours over the years. Back in 2013, she opted for a cooler ice blonde shade that looked modern, fresh, and perfectly in line with the ash blonde trend that’s still going strong today. For a cool, clean blonde you can create at home, try our Icy Blonde semi-permanent treatment Gloss. 

Katherine’s appearance changed dramatically in 2014 when she showed off a darker brunette look to align with the different style of music she was creating at the time. In an Instagram post, she captioned the shot: “Going back to my roots... Musically!”

In an interview with MailOnline, she said: “I'm on the cusp of being brunette and I'm really happy with it. My mum loves my new hair and us girls love a bit of change. I've been enjoying trying out different shades of make-up and dressing differently. 

“I'm having so much fun with it already. That whole thing about blondes have more fun, I'm like, let's put that to the test.”

Even though she flirted with the dark side, Katherine returned to the light eventually. Her hair looked so good that a (false!) rumour began circulating online that she spends £1,500 a day on hair extensions. 




Katherine herself called the figure “crazy” but it just goes to show the power of a good hair colour, cut, and style. As someone who’s visited our Atelier and been personally styled by Josh Wood, it’s no surprise that Katherine takes a lot of pride in her hair.

When it comes to style, nothing hits the spot more than glossy, voluminous hair. Josh is a firm believer you can't have great colour without great condition. Invest in shade specific sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, for locks as glossy as Katherine's. With the use of balayage, a technique that Katherine favours to add a bit of extra warmth to her ends, she’s now rocking a look that embraces natural-looking hair colour and adds dimension.

Whether she’s singing her heart out onstage or chilling at home on Instagram, Katherine’s honey-coloured hair always looks like she’s had a fresh blow dry. From ash blonde to “almost” brunette, her choice of hair colour always looks sophisticated and classy.

She’s living proof that moving a shade or two away from your natural hair colour can make a powerful difference to your overall look. 



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