Grey Stories - Leoni, 32, whose hair changed after she had a baby

Every woman goes grey differently; some when young, some when older, and some not at all. Here at Josh Wood Colour we want to help you on your grey journey, whatever the path may be. Whether you want to celebrate grey, or never see one again in your life, we can help. This is why we're sharing real women's grey stories, and today we talk to Leoni, 32, whose hair changed dramatically after she had a baby.

"I was always happy with my hair. It was thick and shiny, easy to manage, I could curl it or have it straight with no problems. Apart from a couple of short forays into highlights, I left it as naturally dark. Here's a photo of me from prom many years ago, you can see how dark and thick my natural hair was.

Grey Stories - Leoni, 32, whose hair changed after she had a baby

"In my early 20s I noticed a few greys around the front of my hairline but it didn't really bother me because it was easily hidden under a sweep of hair.

"After having my second baby though (I was 28), they seemed to come through thick and fast. Short, wiry, with a life of their own. Even a box colour every three weeks wasn't enough. They popped back after just one wash!

"I got some blonde put through to try and blend them in. My hair is so dark, so it takes a ridiculous amount of bleach and my shiny, healthy hair turned to straw. I went back to box colours but don't really know why I bothered - the greys just would not stay covered. It's been a good 10 months since I've been to the hairdressers or put on a box dye at home.

Grey Stories - Leoni, 32, whose hair changed after she had a baby

"I feel rubbish to be honest. I feel older than my 32 years and really frumpy. I know I need a change but I have never found a hairdresser I have really gelled with, and with two kids to put first I can't justify the price of a total restyle anyway!

"I have no idea what my dream hair is anymore - maybe something easy to style as I don't have a lot of time. Colour-wise, I don't mind as long as it looks groomed. I'd even totally embrace the grey if I could find a way where it looked cool and stylish, not scruffy and naff like it is now. At the moment, my hair is shoulder length, and on average it needs washing every three days. It's thick with a slight wave, and easy to style for the most part, apart from the unruly, wiry greys at the front which always seem to be standing on end! Luckily my husband says they're sexy, but I don't think I believe him!"

Grey Stories - Leoni, 32, whose hair changed after she had a baby

Josh says...

"Leoni - I'm so sad your hair is making you feel this way! Nobody's dream hair should simply be 'easy to manage', I want all women to look and feel like the best versions of themselves. However, as this can take time and isn't achievable for everyone, if you'd like to go back to your natural dark brown shade, I'd advise one of our permanent colour kits, looking at your original hair colour, in a shade 2.0, Natural Black. They contain no ammonia, and come with a nourishing conditioner, so you won't experience the dryness you've felt in the past from home dye.

"As you're looking for a slight change with little maintenance, I really think you'd enjoy using our Shade Shot. For your dark hair I'd recommend the Icy Blonde Shade Shot - this will remove the warmth and return your hair's tone to the icy brunette you are in your older photos. All you have to do is mix equal parts with our Miracle Mask and apply to your hair as instructed. It's a semi-permanent tinted gloss, that will cool your hair down and add a beautiful sheen.

"As you mention time being your big concern, I'd really recommend some of our root concealers. They're a quick, convenient way to conceal grey hairs, and can last up to three washes. You might like to try our Blending Brush, which conceals any level of regrowth."

Your personal Josh Wood Colour system:

Step one: Josh Wood Colour permanent box colour

Great hair starts with a great, multi tonal colour - simply match your current hair shade to the colour swatch on the front of the box, and apply dye as instructed.

Step two: care range

...And great hair has to be maintained with a personalised care routine. Choose a combination of shampoo and conditioner from our range that takes into account your hair colour and condition. Use our Miracle Mask as a weekly, one stop shop treatment for shine and hydration, and to lock in your lovely new colour.

Step three: toning

If you wish, you can tone your hair at home with our Shade Shots. Choose between blonde and brunette, and warm or cool, and add equal parts Shade Shot and Miracle Mask and apply to hair. This adds a semi-permanent tone and gloss to your hair, which lasts up to ten washes, and can be topped up whenever you feel like it.

Step four: root concealing

In between dyes, you may want to cover any potential regrowth or grey. We have a range of root concealers - such as tinted dry shampoos, colour crayons and blending brushes - that correlate with your box colour, and provide semi-permanent coverage until it's time to dye your hair again.

Step five: colour again!

When roughly six weeks have passed, you will need to re-colour your hair. Simply repurchase your Josh Wood Colour permanent box colour and repeat the steps.

If you'd like personalised advice and a free colour consultation from an expert colourist, get in touch at


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