Listen up brunette beauties here's how to maintain your colour at-home

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference to how we are feeling. When your hair looks good, you feel good. But we know many of you are feeling a little lost right now with your salon doors closed. Don’t worry, we’ve got your hair needs covered. We spoke to Josh to ask him how you brunette beauties can best maintain your colour at home.

Being able to cope with the small things is helping people navigate much bigger challenges right now. A little bit of hair colour can make someone feel really empowered.

says Josh

How do I keep my colour looking natural and not like helmet hair?

'Helmet hair is formed from a build up of colour', says Josh. 'One tip I always give my clients is to only colour where you need to cover. If you are only grey at the roots, only apply the permanent colour at the roots. If you want to refresh your lengths and ends you can brush through the colour for the last ten minutes of processing, or use one of my shade-refreshing glosses. For truly natural-looking results I recommend leaving the last few inches of her hair colour free.'

'It's important not to over-colour your hair', says Josh. 'I designed my range of temporary root concealers to pro-long the time between colouring, whether that's in salon or at home.' When your greys start to peep back through keep them at bay for an extra week with a temporary solution. Choose the Blending Brush for semi-permanent coverage that lasts up to three washes. The Airbrush is a 3-in-1 multi-tasker that will cover greys and revive roots, or try the Root Marker to colour away stray greys in an instant. 

How do I know what colour is right for me?

'Most people make the mistake of going too dark when buying at-home hair colour. One of the tips I always say with our Josh Wood Colour kits is that you should always go half a shade or a shade lighter if you’re unsure,” recommends Josh. When it come to personalising your brunette, look at your skin tone and decide what you want to emphasise. For example, a rich chocolate brunette works beautifully on someone with a darker skin tone as it complements the natural warmth within the skin. Whereas, cool tones look great on fair skin that flushes red easily, as the ash in the hair helps offset the contrasting tones in the skin.

I'm scared of colouring my hair, can I prolong my salon colour?

'Semi-permanent colours are a great option for salon users in this current climate,' says Josh. Our semi-permanent glosses are housed in a treatment base, so they actually condition as they colour and are designed to refresh and revive your tones. Choose Chestnut Brunette for rich, mocha tones, Smoky Brunette to neutralise any unwanted warmth, or if you're a brunette with balayage, Icy Blonde will neutralise brassiness, while Champagne Blonde will add sun-kissed tones.

'Do not underestimate well-conditioned hair. The key to all hair colour looking good is healthy hair.'


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