Nicola Coughlan: Hair Profile


Who does Nicola Coughlan’s hair?

What do you think of when you think of the amazing Irish actress Nicola Coughlan?  Bridgerton?  Tick.  Derry Girls?  Tick.  Effortlessly chic hair?  Tick.  If you’ve recently seen Nicola rocking it at the Met Gala 2022 and the BAFTAs, then we’re sure the question on your lips is, who does Nicola Coughlan’s hair?  Well, it’s Josh Wood Colour!

Nicola sees one of our Master Colourists, Jason (Jay to his friends) Hogan to keep her hair colour radiant and lustrous.  You can keep your own blonde hair looking bright and fabulous by using our Icy Blonde Gloss.

Nicola Coughlan’s natural hair colour

Fans of Bridgerton may suppose that Penelope Featherington’s red locks were based on Nicola’s own hair.  If you are one of them, then you certainly aren’t alone!  Many people have assumed that this was the case, with Nicola posting a photograph of herself in Penelope’s wig, saying “I didn’t realise how much people thought this was my real hair” and “a driver on set once saw me without it four months into filming and asked me if it was my first day on the job”!




We can confirm, though, that Nicola’s own hair is blonde and we love it!  If it’s giving you beach blonde hair envy this summer, then you can get your own version by visiting the Josh Wood Atelier or using our at-home Miracle System.

Nicola’s ability to change up her whole look as easily as changing her hair is a credit to her chameleon-like abilities as an actress.  In 2021, Nicola won the Irish Film & Television Academy’s Rising Star Award and we can certainly see why!

She is also a real beauty and fashion icon who uses both outlets to embrace and channel her playful side.  In an interview with Alice Newbold for Vogue, Nicola revealed “If I feel good, then everything else is irrelevant. Other people don’t have to like the looks – that’s totally fine”.  Earlier this year, Nicola was announced as the face of Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton Season 2 Collection.  Her hair is an extension of this elegance and creativity.

Nicola Coughlan’s hairstyle

The perfect hairstyle can make your colour even more striking and Nicola is certainly no stranger to this idea!  Nicola ensures she keeps her hair looking fresh by visiting the Josh Wood Atelier regularly and recently Kat, James and Jason have all worked their magic on her hair.

For the Met Gala 2022, Jay created a custom hair piece for Nicola, which is just one part of our Josh Wood Colour Atelier service.  The result is very natural-looking and oh so chic!  It was Nicola’s first Met Gala and we were thrilled to have been a part of this special occasion.



Nicola’s usual hairstyle is a dramatic, sophisticated choppy blonde bob.  This jaw-skimming bob, which Nicola adopted a couple of years ago as her new signature style, is an effortless way for your hair to always look “done”.  It can be left more casual for an off-duty look or groomed to perfection and tucked behind one ear for instant glamour.

The way that Nicola’s hair can change the whole way she looks, is also testament to the importance of your hair.  A signature hairstyle, such as Nicola’s blonde bob, is a real investment.  After all, you wear your hair each and every day, so why wouldn’t you want to have a fabulous hairstyle (including glossy blonde locks) just like Nicola’s?


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