Renée Zellweger: Hairstyle and Hair Colour Profile

Renée Zellweger is a hair chameleon. Even though she’s most famous for rocking a cute blonde bob, she’s also explored a multitude of hairstyles, haircuts, and hair colours in the past. 

As someone with naturally dark ash blonde hair, she’s in the great position of being able to go darker or lighter without the hair colouring process being too damaging in terms of condition.



Renée’s warm skin tone means she can easily play around with tones of red for a sweet strawberry blonde finish. Our range of semi-permanent treatment glosses make it easy to play around with your colour, as they only last 6 washes. If you fancy being a strawberry blonde, try our Copper Gold gloss for super sweet strands. In the past, she’s occasionally opted for dark brunette hair, but seems to have stuck with her cool blonde hue throughout the last decade.

As someone who’s visited our Atelier and been styled by Josh Wood himself, Renée rarely strays from her beachy waves and honey-coloured hair. On red-carpets, she’s explored messy bobs, elegant updos, and loose wavy hair that never looks overly styled or “done.”

In 2013, she attended the Met Gala with a blunt fringe that looked quirky, cute, and so on trend. Even though Renée seems to have a penchant for cooler blonde hair tones, she’s also added some warm hues to her colour over the years.

Now that her tone isn’t quite as bright as it once was, she’s made the most of incorporating those naturally ashy roots into her look. This gives her a balayage effect and makes the overall style appear natural, achievable, and slightly sun-kissed. Golden, honey tones are easy to achieve at home with our Champagne Blonde Gloss

Even celebs can’t get enough of low-maintenance hair. Considering Renée has to sit through hours of hair and make-up for her movie roles, it’s no surprise she prefers a hair routine that’s more simple and lowkey in her regular life.

In terms of haircut, Renée is usually rocking a versatile mid-length look that gives her plenty opportunity in terms of styling. For a classic California vibe, Renée usually frames her face with a few loose tendrils to give her the ultimate relaxed and refined appearance.


At the Oscars in 2020, she opted for a gorgeous low chignon while picking up the gong for Best Actress. In our humble opinion, Renée’s loose bob deserved an award of its own…

Renée’s hair is just as versatile as she. While some celebs are looking for poker straight, glossy hair, she aims for a more practical, looser, and natural hairstyle. As for her statement blonde hair colour, why switch things up when you’ve already hit the jackpot?


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