Summer 2021 Hair Colour Ideas and Trends

Summer is here and it is going to be HOT. Temperatures are climbing and our calendars are filling up. If you’re looking to change up your hair colour, or get involved with summer ‘21’s biggest hair colour trends, we’ve got you covered. We spoke to resident trendsetter and fantastic JWC colourist Issie Churcher about what her clients are asking for and what hair colour trends we should be picking up our tinting brushes to recreate. 

‘These are big this year’, says Issie. ‘It’s inspired by that late 90s and early 00s look which was light on top and dark underneath, but with a modern and cool twist with those shades reversed, so bleach blonde hair underneath.’

‘It’s fun to take it a step further with peekaboo hair colouring in bold panels to create a high contrast result’.


Summer 2021 Hair Colour Ideas and Trends


Create this beautiful blue peekaboo hair colour at home with our Blue Reef Glaze


Bold hair highlights

Subtle is nice, but bold and chunky is hot right now. ‘Chunky, stretched out hair highlights are also trending, with the colour being bright and bold, with a rebellious attitude.’ Think punky, notice-me hair highlights that create big contrasts whatever the hair colour or texture. 


Summer 2021 Hair Colour Ideas and Trends


Low maintenance hair colour

The social schedule getting busier means a trend for hair colour that’s not time consuming to maintain. ‘It’s about feeling confident that you can leave the house with great hair colour without having spent hours and hours to achieve it’, says Issie. No time to touch up your roots just yet? Try our Airbrush Root Spray for instant grey regrowth coverage in a handbag-size bottle. 






Warm beachy blondes

‘Clients want to reflect the sunshine in their hair’, says Issie. ‘Buttery blondes and warm blonde balayage is a trend we’re seeing a lot of right now in the warmer months’. Her advice? ‘Josh Wood Colour Champagne Blonde Gloss is PERFECT for maintaining this, and I recommend it to clients to keep that golden tone going strong’. 




Haircare like it’s skincare

Protection from the sun is not just for skin. Did you know that UV rays can dull and fade your hair colour, as well as drying out the condition? ‘UV protection in hair care is something people often forget’, Issie reminds us. ‘We know how important SPF is for our skin - so use shampoo and conditioner that is going to prolong your colour and protect it from the sun. And wear a hat!’

...and that’s why Josh formulated our Miracle Shampoo & Conditioner to be packed with UV filters, amongst other hair-loving ingredients like Quinoa Extract and Green Walnut. It’s also available in two variations, depending on your hair’s texture: Fine & Fragile or Dry & Damaged. Topped up with a weekly application of Miracle Mask to replenish moisture and shine, your summer hair is good to go. 

Summer 2021 Hair Colour Ideas and Trends


Pastel Hair Colours

It wouldn’t be summer without gorgeous, soft, sophisticated pastel colours - and that's what our new Glaze collection is all about. ‘This is THE summer trend’, says Issie. ‘They’re back in a big way and they’re beautiful. Chic, sophisticated yet playful and creative in a way that everyone needs right now - and they only last a few washes, so are low commitment. Let’s have some fun with our hair this summer!’ 


Summer 2021 Hair Colour Ideas and Trends

Summer 2021 Hair Colour Ideas and Trends

Issie Churcher is a Master Colourist at Josh Wood Colour. Issie's love of all things colour sees her creating bespoke looks, ranging from classic colour with a modern twist to bang on trend shades that will take you from one season to the next. She effortlessly mixes beautiful colour palettes with innovative techniques, resulting in stunning, wearable hair. Click here to visit her in the salon.

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