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“There’s a new mask in town. It calls itself Josh Wood Colour Shade Shot Gloss because, it is foremost, a colour-reviving treatment; one that wears its considerable conditioning credentials lightly.”

Annabel Rivkin, beauty columnist at the Evening Standard magazine.


Shade Shot Gloss refreshes colour, glosses, conditions and adds unbelievable shine, making it the perfect treatment mask to use between salon appointment or home-colour sessions.

It’s these all-round star qualities that have won it a host of fans across all four shades - Icy (right), Champagne, Chestnut and Smoky.

Here's what they have to say...


A tube of gloss icy blonde - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert
A woman with curly hair and orange lipstick - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

“The Shade Shot Gloss is perfect for in-between colouring your hair, it’s like a top up. It instantly evens out the tone of your hair and at the same time gives that temporary gloss and shine to the hair. I’ve gone from super dry and frizzy to silky soft and shiny after using the Josh Wood Colour Gloss [plus shampoo and conditioner].”


A woman is smiling while holding a tube of gloss - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

“I was sceptical at first and questioned if it would work on my natural textured hair, but I’m happy to say it definitely helps with unwanted red and orange tones and gave my hair the same colour throughout.”



Icy Blonde

@Rebeccaellenlamb shows how she applies the Gloss and reveals, “I’m so impressed with the result – with so many icy tones in my hair - it’s given it such a nice uplift. It looks glossy, healthy and shiny.”

Gloss results can pay off for both home colour users or salon colour fans. “My hair lifts and lighten from the moment I leave the salon. I become a frenzied blonde trying to be a honeyed brunette. But this gloss is a semi-permanent formula that takes my hair back to what it was intended to be; an expensive caramel,” says Annabel Rivkin.

She adds, “Oddly, ‘Icy Blonde’ is the shade to pick for anyone who doesn’t want to be too blonde. It removes the brass. And quietly, replaces the oils and masterfully nourishes without stripping body and texture from fine hair.”

So how to choose your gloss shade? “Always select your gloss according to the lightest pieces in your hair, so even darker shades with lighter balayage pieces, might be best matched with Icy Blonde,’ reveals Josh Wood Colourist, Weronika. "If your hair has been coloured prior to the shade you are matching, it may affect results, but we're here for advice if you need it." Email a picture for your shade match to


Chestnut Brunette

“I love the warm [Gloss] shade it gives. It’s easy to apply and smells so good. I completed the look with Josh Wood Revitalising Shampoo and Conditioner and it made my hair glossy and shiny.”

by @anevgrung
A woman in a black swimsuit leaning against a wall - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

Champagne Blonde

A woman with curly hair smiling at the camera - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

My hair is naturally dry being curly and with colouring my hair every 3 weeks to cover my grey, it's lost all it's natural shine, which is why I've been trialling this Gloss and I was so impressed with the results. It completely transformed my hair."

by @thegrownupedit

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