The hair colour trends set to dominate your feed this Spring

The hair colour trends set to dominate your feed this Spring

We talk to Josh Wood Colour expert colourists and stylists about the three hair colour trends set to take over your Instagram feeds in Spring 2019.

Oil Slick Hair

The hair colour trends set to dominate your feed this Spring

We love the rainbow effect of this vibrant hair - the contrast of the brights against the dark base reminds us of strobe lights in a night club, or an oil spill in the rain - it's also a great option for darker hair, explains colourist Jason Hogan;

To create this effect on naturally dark hair, Jason first had to pre-lighten pieces, saying "this technique was developed out of necessity for our darker haired client who loved the multidimensional rainbow effect pastel colours her lighter haired friends achieved in summer, but found the process of lifting dark hair to the level necessary for a light pastel was far too aggressive, time-consuming & costly. So I used a light balayage instead, because for the rich jewel tones I applied after for the oil slick effect, the hair doesn’t have to be lifted to that extreme level".

"I also maintained the clients natural base which is always going to look so much more flattering against their skin giving it a more seamless grow out"

Styling 101: Josh Wood Colour expert stylist Lars Sutton explains why he styled the look with a slight curve; "By styling the hair with an angled wave like this, the light hits a curved surface, which reflects the light away from the hair in different directions, giving a rainbow effect. This mimics the hair colour and gives a cohesive look!"

Icy Balayage (and matching accessories!)

Put a spring in your balayage's step by adding an icy edge. 'Beachy balayage' might be perfect for the hot Summer months - but for the run up to them - colourist Sibi Bolan recommends something a little cooler.

Sibi says this icy-white balayage is the perfect transition from Winter to Spring, allowing hints of lightness in, without it feeling too Summery while the months are still dark and cool. And when Summer does finally come around, it's easy for your colourist to translate this look into a more golden, beachy balayage.

To keep your icy balayage free from any brassiness, she recommends using the Josh Wood Colour 'keep me cool' shade shot in conjunction with the Everything Mask once a week.

The hair colour trends set to dominate your feed this Spring

Styling 101: Josh Wood Colour stylist Greg Hill also recommends accessorising the cooler tones in your new 'do with some matching clips and slides. 90's diamantés have come back around in a big way, and Greg thinks there's no better place to wear them - not dissimilar to a tiara - than atop your mane. Create a messy up do and place accessories randomly at the crown for a 'cool girl', high fashion feel. When it comes to barrettes this Spring, the more the merrier - layer them up and prepare to sparkle!

Vintage Pastels

The hair colour trends set to dominate your feed this Spring

Pastels for Spring? Groundbreaking. We know. But the 'new pastel', as debuted at Marc Jacobs, has a purposefully aged feel to it - and by ageing the colour, you modernise the look. Colourist David Taylor created this contrast peach look - to give it an 'aged' feel, David first smudged the root with something a little ashy, and mousey. This makes the look feel less 'done', and creates dimension when contrasted with a soft pastel. On her lightened ends, David applied a mix of pastels to achieve this pinky-peach. Josh's tip - and the technique he used at Marc Jacobs - for a perfectly 'aged pastel' is to apply a metallic base beforehand.

Styling 101: Stylist Nicholas Hardwick says that a vintage colour needs a vintage style - and that a classic, 90's blow dry is just the ticket to enhance the purposefully faded tones of the hair.

Now look after your new hair colour...

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