The art of covering men's grey hair

Can you think of a time that hair has been this much of a talking point?

This last year has had the nation talking split ends, grown-out roots and our love for the professionals - and it’s not just women. Men’s hair grooming has been an equally huge topic of conversation thanks to the lockdown haircuts that have swept social media (the good, the bad, and the - let’s face it - sometimes ugly). 

As the nation eased out of lockdown last summer, it wasn’t just the DIY hair cuts that we noticed. There was another phenomenon: an abundance of prematurely men with grey hair. Were they caused by three months of homeschooling? That part’s up for discussion, but what we do know is this: we’re getting more questions about men’s hair colour and mens hair dye for grey than ever before.


The art of covering men's grey hair


When it comes to colouring men’s hair, there’s something to be said about making the grey hair work. It’s time to step away from the block, shoe-polish-esque grey coverage of yesteryear in favour of a blended hair colour approach; closer to men's gradual hair colour.

Enter: the ‘invisible colour’.

“This technique is about taking away a small percentage of grey, but not all of it.” Josh explains. “This means when the hair colour grows out it won’t be a stark and unnatural change.” It’s not about banishing the silver flecks altogether, either. “You want to look like you have some life experience, after all.” Josh says. “Just not so much so that a cardigan and some slippers are being fetched for you when you enter a room…”

The art of covering men's grey hair


So how does this hair colouring technique work?

The service, offered in the Josh Wood Atelier, focuses on the lines and the placement of the hair dye as well as the angle and pressure of the brushstrokes. It’s finished with a Josh Wood Colour Shade Shot Gloss, selected to complement the natural hair colour of the client. This is an important step: it means the hair colour won’t oxidise, or produce shades that contrast with the natural hair hue as time goes on. 

The art of covering men's grey hair
The art of covering men's grey hair


Importantly, the grow-out will be seamless; grey and white hair will grow back gradually and naturally. Whether the hair will start to fall out if homeschooling resumes? We can’t promise anything. 

If you’re interested in the invisible colour service at the Josh Wood Atelier, call 0203 393 0977 or email us at

For more on the Invisible Colour Service, check out this article from The Times

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