This Morning's Big Reveal 2023

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We believe, and know from experience, how hair has the power to change how we feel about ourselves. But you needn't take our word for it.

Maggie Gregor describes the feel-good results of great hair, during her This Morning makeover, with colour and cut courtesy of Josh and the team, and clothes styling by Hayley Hasselhoff. "It's the first time I have felt this beautiful in a long time," says Maggie.

The 59 year-old Mencap support worker reveals life hasn’t been the easiest of late, with her six-year-old granddaughter currently battling leukaemia and her mother-in-law with dementia. ‘I never have the opportunity to dress up and look glamorous,’ says Maggie.

Always happy to help, Josh and Atelier team colourist, Danielle Keates and stylist, Jason Sutton set to work and reveal the techniques behind her hair transformation…

This Morning's Big Reveal 2023

"It’s the first time I have felt this beautiful in a long time" Maggie Gregor

"First, I wanted to really understand her most important hair concerns," says Josh. "Forget colour or hair style – Maggie felt her hair was incredibly flat and really fine. So, I wanted to create a colour that would create dimension and gave the visual effect of body and thickness."

And the expert route to increased body?

‘Highlighted pieces then a little bit of free-hand balayage, also making areas of her hair a little bit darker, through the back and the sides. Plus adding a little bit of deliberate root shadow to give the impression of thicker hair.’

Then finishing with the Josh Wood Colour Shade Shot Gloss in Icy Blonde to condition and add shine.

On styling, Atelier pro Jason Sutton trimmed her hair to create the illusion of body. ‘Shorter layering at the back creates a fuller look, alongside shaping the front to suite the face.’

Proof enough for us that great cut and colour can deliver a wellbeing boost. And thanks Maggie for being an amazing transformation star.

This Morning's Big Reveal 2023

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