Our Top 3 Easy Hair Styles For Your Christmas 2022

Now it is officially December it is that time of the year for the days to be full of Christmas planning and important questions to be answered, like what to get Mum this year? Roast potatoes or mash? Or if you are hair obsessed like us, the most important question of them all, what hairstyle can I do for Christmas?  

Whether its Christmas hair updo inspiration you are after or long flowing waves, looking glam at Christmas does not have to be difficult with these three easy Christmas 2022 hair ideas: a high ponytail hairstyle, a twisted bun with scrunchie hairstyle and a half-up, half down hairstyle. Created by our Expert Varderer Stylist Samuel Ashcroft in just 5 steps or less. 

Power Pony 

The first style on our list is our perfect Christmas party hair, the power pony. Which you can re-create in four simple steps. 

  1. Apply a Josh Wood Colour Hair Gloss to revive your colour and add high shine. Beckie wears Icy Blonde Hair Gloss to get that platinum finish. 
  2. Next, prepare the hair with a volume spray and then tie into a high pony tail. 
  3. Simply make a hole behind the band of the pony tail, flip the hair through and apply texture spray. 
  4. Finally add any sparkly accessories, like a statement headband, and there you have it, your power pony hairstyle ready for your Christmas party.  


A festive version of a bun with scrunchie

If you are looking for a more relaxed glam look then our twisted bun is for you. This style is created in five steps. 

  1. Apply a Miracle Mask to your hair for 5 minutes (or longer) to give your hair a deep condition. 
  2. Use a dry shampoo to create a good grip and texture.
  3. Put the hair in a high high pony tail at the crown of the head.
  4. Split the pony tail in two and twist both sections.
  5. Wrap the two sections around each other and secure with pins to reveal your perfectly twisted bun. Add a festive scrunchie to make this look Christmas Party ready.

Half Up, Half Down Festive Hair Style 

Our last Christmas hair idea is at the top of the list for our favourite Christmas hairstyles for long hair. This half up and half down look is created in five simple steps. 

  1. Apply a Josh Wood Colour Hair Gloss to revive your colour and add high shine. Saffy wears Champagne Blonde Hair Gloss to get that buttery blonde finish.
  2. Next, split the hair in two, creating a high pony tail that follows the cheekbones.
  3. Curl the hair all over and clip the curls up.
  4. Spray with finishing spray and let cool.
  5. Take down the curls and brush with a sprits of dry shampoo for your Christmas ready flowy style.



The Josh Wood Colour Gift Set Collection - A Perfect Gift Idea for  Christmas 2022

We have also made giving the gift of great hair easy this Christmas 2022 with the Josh Wood Colour Gift Set Collection. Featuring some of our favourite 100% vegan shine-boosting products, there is no better way to treat you or a loved one's hair this festive season.

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