Navigating the system

Josh specifically created his system to make finding the right shade and a toolkit of products to maintain your colour super simple. Clear numbering runs through every single product so, once you’ve found your shade, you can maintain your colour and protect your hair with a range of root concealers and colour-specific care.   

First up, if you’d like a permanent colour, try to match your hair to the swatches on the front of the box (this might be easier if you’re browsing on your phone so you can hold your hair against the swatch). Josh has got a few tips to help you find the shade that's right for you in the video below, too.

Once you’ve found your match, navigating the rest of the system is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Well 2.0 – 9.0, actually…

If your hair is dark brown (shades 2.0 – 4.0) you can cover roots with:
Darker Brown Tinted Dry Shampoo
Darker Brown Blending Brush
Darker Brown Root Smudger
Darker Brown Root Marker

If your hair is light brown (shades 5.0 – 6.0) you can cover roots with:
Lighter Brown Tinted Dry Shampoo
Lighter Brown Blending Brush
Lighter Brown Root Smudger

If your hair is dark blonde (shades 6.5 – 7.5) you can cover roots with:
Darker Blonde Blending Brush
Darker Blonde Root Smudger
Darker Blonde Root Marker

If your hair is light blonde (shades 8.0 – 9.0) you can cover roots with:
Lighter Blonde Tinted Dry Shampoo
Lighter Blonde Root Marker

All of the root concealers are clearly numbered like the boxes so, for example: if you’re a 6.5, just look out for concealers that match this shade and you can’t go wrong.

Now for colour care: Josh has split shampoos and conditioners by broader hair colours (blonde or brunette) and your biggest hair concerns. All, of course, will protect your colour and nourish your hair, too.

Next up we have the Everything Mask. It’s for all shades, all needs and all of you! No need to worry about your shade or hair type here, this mask does everything for everyone. Josh swears by this as a weekly, colour-locking and conditioning treatment. It also goes hand in hand with the final part of the system: the Shade Shot.

You know when you’re not quite ready to do your permanent colour but your shade is starting to fade? That’s where the Shade Shot comes in. Just like colour care, the Shade Shots are split by blondes and brunettes: you just need to choose if you want to warm up or cool down your colour, based on how your hair fades over time. For example: if your hair is light blonde and your colour tends to go a bit brassy or yellow, the Keep Me Cool Shade Shot is the one for you. Mix it with the Everything Mask to create a super-quick glossing mask to maintain your original shade.

Still not sure which shade and products are right for you? That’s where our online consultation comes in. Answer a few questions about your hair and we’ll tailor the system to fit your colour and concerns. You can even save your results and access your personalised system at any time, so you’ve always got a record of exactly what you need. Simple!