Ash blonde hair and strawberry blonde hair: why these refined colour trends are all the range

There’s more than one way to go blonde. If honey tones aren’t hitting the spot for you anymore, it might be time to explore the rarer shades of ash blonde hair colour and s trawberry blonde colour.

These hues are typically cooler, edgier, and more visually suited to colder and winter months. Still, there’s a lot to consider if you want this hair transformation to work well. Can anybody rock strawberry blonde hair and do ash blonde tones only work on cooler complexions? 

Here’s the lowdown on the two shades that deserve some attention.

Ash Blonde Hair Colour

What colour is ash blonde, you might ask? This tone is universally loved by celebs including Cara Delevingne, Lara Stone, and Gwendoline Christie. Unlike the beachy vibe of caramel hues, this shade of blonde hair is brighter, edgier, and much icier



It’s true that ash blonde hair tends to work best on people with lighter and cooler skin tones. The peachy undertones in this hue can wash out warmer skin complexions, but with the right technique and customisation, it can look just as refined on those with darker skin.



Adding a hint of grey to a blonde tone introduces a platinum hair vibe without being overly intense. Even though it sounds like a big step, dark roots can be incorporated into an ash blonde balayage to make the hair colour appear more natural and dimensional. 



As gorgeous as it looks, lifting to an ash blonde shade has the potential to cause damage to hair. That’s why it’s so important to use a weekly hair conditioning treatment, like our Miracle Mask, to ensure your mane stays nourished, strong, and shiny.

To explore this trend at home, why not consider our Shade Shot Gloss in Icy Blonde? This semi-permanent hair colour treatment neutralises brassy yellow tones for the ultimate cool blonde finish. 

Keep it maintained with our hair colour-specific shampoo and conditioner for Fine hair. 

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

This super-sweet tone is one of the rarest natural hair shades in the world. If you want to switch things up this Winter but aren’t ready to go full redhead, this subtle hue will tick all your boxes. 

Hollywood loves this reddish blonde hair colour, with celebs including Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, and Isla Fisher, all opting for glamorous peachy hair tones during their careers. 




This hair colour trend tends to work best on people with naturally blonde or light brunette hair. For brunettes, rose gold strawberry blonde balayage is a great way to test the redhead life before fully committing to it.



The hair colour itself is broader than you might expect, covering pinkish beige tones and warm red shades. The general goal is for blonde and red hair strands to melt together to produce a gorgeously soft hue that’s more unusual than standard honey and caramel creations.

Our Copper Gold Gloss Hair Treatment is one way to explore this trend from home. People with brown hair, blonde hair, or balayaged ends can achieve a warm strawberry blonde finish with use of our new semi-permanent hair treatment.



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