Colour trends and techniques to try out for summer

Josh shared his summer colour trends with ITV's This Morning earlier this week. Thinking of giving something new a go? Get to know surf-kissing, balayage and more below.



What is it?

A low commitment way of getting the most natural-looking highlights.

Who should try it?

Anyone can wear it but, if you have shorter hair, it might be easier to try foils instead.



What is it?

A tonal, natural-looking way of highlighting your hair which involves concentrating colour on the ends and towards the front to frame the face.

Who should try it?

Anyone who wants to!



What is it?

Surf-kissing is similar to sun-kissing but it’s applied using a heavier hand with lighter colours.

Who should try it?

People who want a punchy blonde look that’s relatively low maintenance. Just be mindful that as it grows out this can tend to look dip dyed, so keep on top of it if you want to keep that surf-kissed effect.

Smoky brunette


What is it?

The easiest of brunette shades with a cool, slight hint of grey that’s flattering on lots of skin tones.

Who should try it?

Anyone that struggles with brassy, orange overtones.

Berry brunette


What is it?

A soft, raspberry undertone that won’t fade red or orange but will give brunettes a richness and a gloss.

Who should try it?

Any brunettes who want to try something fun. Just remember the tone will always need topping up; these shades don’t last forever. Try a Shade Shot gloss to prolong the colour.



What are they?

Pastels have been around for a few seasons; try soft, shadowy tones to push the trend forward this summer.

Who should try them?

Pastel shades really don’t last very long so they’re low commitment and perfect for blondes who want to have a little fun with tone.

Thinking of trying something new for summer but not sure what to go for? Drop Josh a message at for advice direct from the colour master himself.

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