Elle Macpherson Q+A for Josh Wood Colour

Elle Macpherson is an iconic figure in the fashion and beauty industry, and has been a prominent supermodel and businesswoman for decades after starting her brand Wellco in 2014. Recently, Elle sat down for an exclusive Q+A session with us to dive into her top tips on colour, healthy hair and product recommendations. 

Why is hair health important to you? What does it mean to you? 

Hair is a much-underestimated extension of any person. It’s a comfort, an attractor and it communicates a lot. Some also say it’s a cosmic antenna of sorts, giving us better intuition. But on an everyday level, healthy hair has an immediate uplifting effect – hence why so many women sit in Josh’s salon! Hair is certainly one of my favourite things –– particularly when done by Josh!


How do you maintain your hair health? What do you use to do this?

I rely on my wellness protocol to keep my hair happy and happening, because I’ve learnt it all begins within. I enjoy The Super Elixir™ and The Collagen Elixir in the morning after breaking my fast to really nurture my hair from the inside out. Our nutritional greens support all eleven systems of the body from the immune system to hair, skin and health. So that coupled with The Collagen Elixir -- which contains the highest-grade marine collagen peptides -- ensures glowing skin, strong nails, thick hair and a healthy body. To top it all off, I like to take two capsules of The Hair Elixir daily to really speak to the thyroid and cultivate super healthy, happening hair from within. 

What does your hair routine look like? 

I shampoo and condition every two to three days, and I usually air-dry my hair because I'm not very skilled with a blow-dryer! Also, it’s great to give hair a rest and I prefer not to waste environmental energy using a hair dryer unnecessarily. Once I’ve washed it, I put it up into a 'knot' on top of my head. When I take it down, I get sort of a natural messy wave. When I go swimming, I'll slather on Josh’s Miracle Mask then put on a swim cap. And in the summer, I often walk around with wet-looking hair that has a treatment in it which I believe keeps it looking healthy. When in London I’ll go to Josh Wood Atelier for a good colour and cut – he knows me so well and I can trust him to keep my look fresh, modern and natural -- which for me means lots of texture and volume. 


How do you maintain your colour between colour sessions?

As I don’t have any grey hair, some maintenance for shine using Josh Wood’s Hair Gloss treatment works well for me. I also love the smaller travel sizes to throw into my carry-on to keep my locks fresh. And of course continuing with a good colour protecting conditioner such as Josh Wood Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner is key! 


Ride or die product?

The Super Elixir™! A few years ago I noticed my hair had become quite dull and lifeless, but that all changed after I started taking The Super Elixir™. It’s a fantastic foundation for hair health, plus it also helps to keep my skin looking clear and vibrant, strengthens my nails and supports my body for more energy, improved digestion and a more positive outlook on life. I also enjoy Josh’s Miracle Mask which is a five-minute hair treatment –– I like to use it as a conditioner. 


What hair rules do you live by? 

Good hair days start within! 

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