Everything you need to know about the Everything Mask

The Everything Mask does absolutely everything. Our best-selling conditioning mask is packed with natural ingredients like hydrolyzed walnut extract, hydrolyzed quinoa and Murumuru seed butter to lock in colour, hydrate and deeply condition. The Everything Mask is the ultimate treatment for all hair types.

And if that’s not enough…. We asked Josh what else this punchy all-rounder can do, and how best to use it!

1. Use as a styling product, especially if your hair is in need desperate need of TLC. Apply and pull hair back into ponytail, a bun or a plait. (It will look like gel).

2. Apply it on holidays, when you’re sitting by the pool, ideally with a cold drink. It has UV filters, so works like a sunscreen for the hair.

3. Most people only apply a treatment to the lengths and ends but with the Everything Mask you can apply right up to the roots. This is great if you have grey hair or highlighted hair. Apply to wet hair and comb through – this will help with fly aways and frizz.

4. Importantly - use as a deep treatment before you colour your hair – on the last shampoo before you plan on colouring. This helps even out the porosity of hair for a more even colour. A lot of people complain about helmet head / over saturation of colour. If your hair is very dehydrated the colour will grab where it’s dry – leading to a heavy colour.

5. And finally… Your hair will take as much as it needs however long you leave it in so you don’t need to worry about lengthy waits! We recommend leaving it for five minutes but it’s designed to fit into your lifestyle and work for you. Five minutes in the shower, 15 minutes in the bath, or sleep in it – the choice is yours!

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