How to Understand and Correct Unwanted Hair Tones

If you find yourself facing the consequences of an at-home hair colour mishap. Don't worry, you're not alone. Many people have experienced hair colour fails, and the good news is that there are solutions to fix them. In this expert guide, we will walk you through how to correct hair colour mistakes and get your hair back on track. 

The science behind fixing unwanted tones. 

If your hair colour is vastly different from what you expected, it's time to go back to the colour wheel. The colour wheel can guide you in choosing a corrective colour that will help cancel out the unwanted tones.

For example, if your brunette hair turned out too warm, opt for a Smoky Brunette. With it's green undertones, it neutralises red tones to give you a gorgeous, brunette finish. For those looking to tone brassy hair you can pick a purple toned Icy Blonde Gloss to remove the orange tones and give you a cooler balanced result.

How to Understand and Correct Unwanted Hair Tones

My hair has brassy tones 

If your hair has turned brassy or has unwanted yellow or orange tones, purple toned products are your savour. Purple sits opposite yellow and orange on the colour wheel, so it can neutralise those warm tones and restore a cooler shade to your hair. To remove brass, use a Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss once a week; it has been specifically formulated with purple tones to counteract any brassiness in blonde hair and maintain hair vibrancy. 

My hair is too cool

For hair that is slightly too cool and needs a bit of warming up, opt for our Golden Glosses, Caramel is a fantastic option for those with dark blonde/ light brunette hair and Copper and Champagne Blonde are perfect for blondes looking for a more sunkissed look!  For a more permanent tone, try mixing in either a Caramel, Copper or Caramel shade shot to your Permanent Colour. 

I think my hair has gone green

None of us want this to happen but sometimes green colour staining can happen. For example, if a brunette with cool undertones makes the move to blonde hair or a blonde is exposed to too much chlorine. We would always recommend doing transformational hair changes at a salon with a professional. They can change your hair colour without risk of this and can guide you on what products to buy to help with maintaining your colour. If you're wanting an expert appointment, book into our atelier today! 

For hair that has undergone a serious fix such as green hair, we would recommend extra care. Apply a Miracle Mask once a week to help revive the hair and continue with the Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner to help add back in condition and shine to the hair. 

I think I have the wrong shade

One of the most common at-home hair colour mistakes is choosing the wrong shade. Perhaps you were aiming for a soft brunette but ended up with deep brown brunette. Don't panic, as there are ways to fix this issue! 

For hair that is slightly too dark, we would always recommend to use a clarifying shampoo and leave it on the hair to emulsify for 15 minutes. This will help to lift the colour slightly from your hair and lighten up the shade for you. 

If you face any colour issues or would like advice on which shade is right for you, please book in for a free colour consultation with our team of colour experts who are here to help.

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