Holiday hair hacks

Sun, sea and sand are what Summer holidays are all about. And maybe an icecream or two… But as you’ve told us - hot, humid weather can be challenging for your hair. We asked stylist Nicholas Hardwick, and colourists AJ Blackadder and Jay Hogan to answer some quick-fire questions about how to keep your strands happy (and super shiny) all Summer long.

Holiday hair hacks
Should you ditch the dryer?

Leave the high temperatures outside while on holiday, and give your hair a break! Extra humidity means super smooth styles don’t last long. Instead of fighting against your hair, embrace the texture and let it dry naturally. Take a couple of minutes to properly towel-dry your hair. (This can leave hair a little knotty, so comb through once if necessary). After that, leave your locks alone! Part your hair where you want it and then set it free. If you do want to use a hairdryer, set it to a low heat. Once the hair’s dry, blast the roots with cold air, as this will help add staying power to your style.

Should you shower before swimming?

Yes, as bonkers as it sounds, jumping in the shower before swimming reduces the amount of chlorine and salt water your hair absorbs. Your hair cuticle can only absorb a certain amount of water, so by absorbing the shower water there is less room for the chlorine / salt water to damage your hair and strip away your colour.

And what about after?

Always rinse your hair under the shower when leaving the sea or pool. Nothing will fade the colour and condition of your hair quicker than leaving saltwater or chlorine in the hair, especially when it’s under the heat of the sun. It’s also a great time to brush your hair, as it’s generally easier to detangle wet hair.

What’s the best hair style to soak up the sun?

Ditch the traditional top knot. Although it seems like an easy option this style can expose the fragile ends of the hair to further damage from the elements. Braiding is a chic, damage-free way to keep hair up and out of the way of those Aperol Spritz.

Holiday hair hacks
How can you protect your hair in the sun?

A little sun exposure can lighten the hair in the most beautiful way, but too much exposure will cause your colour to fade. A hat, scarf or swimming cap can help, but UV can still penetrate the fabric. Just like you apply SPF to your face and body, make it part of your regime to apply to your hair. Our texture-specific shampoo and conditioners contain UV filters as does our best-selling Miracle Mask.

You can even apply a fine layer of the Miracle Mask to your hair and slick back for a wet-look poolside pose. The UV filters will add a protective barrier to your hair & scalp in the sun, whilst nourishing and repairing your hair at the same time. Just remember to rinse off before jumping in the pool!

Any final tips before we head back to the deck chair?

On holiday we have a tendency to shower more often, sometimes multiple times a day. Your hair and hair colour will not appreciate twice daily shampooing. Instead, rinse your hair through with water and massage the roots as if shampooing, this will get the circulation going. You can still use a conditioner through the ends. The sun can also cause your colour to change. If you’re a brunette, it can bring out unwanted warmth - while too much chlorine can give blondes the dreaded green tinge.

To battle brassiness in dark brunettes, apply our Smoky Brunette Gloss. If you like the way the sun has lightened your brunette, but just want to tone down the warmth try our Icy Blonde Gloss. Blondes should use a clarifying shampoo to help remove the green and then follow up with our Champagne Blonde Gloss.

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