How to colour your roots

It’s a common misconception that you need to apply your permanent colour throughout your hair when you're covering your roots; you’ll get a much more natural-looking result and a more vibrant colour if you simply cover your regrowth and quickly refresh your ends if necessary.

If you just need to cover your roots to match the lengths of your hair, Josh will walk you through the best process below:

Quick steps to recap:

  • Thoroughly brush your hair
  • Pop on your protective gloves
  • Apply Protective barrier cream around your hairline
  • Make sure you cover your whole hairline right down to your ears
  • Cover your shoulders with a dark towel
  • Mix all of A (Your expert colour) into B (Colour activator)
  • Shake well to make sure everything’s mixed together
  • Apply the colour from the front of your hairline back towards your crown
  • Repeat and massage in as you go for complete coverage
  • Apply dots of colour along your hairline to catch any stubborn greys
  • For the back of your hair, start towards the top of your head
  • Apply colour down towards the nape of your neck
  • Try to apply in small sections for even coverage
  • Repeat and massage in to make sure all regrowth is covered
  • Wait 30 minutes
  • Shampoo, apply Deep-conditioning treatment and style.

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