How to get a gorgeous Auburn hair tone at home

Auburn hair colours have never been hotter, and winter is the most appropriate time of year to introduce a bit of spice to blonde or brunette bases.

What is auburn hair colour?

Looking for a splash of colour to lift your spirits? Say hello to auburn hair, a mega popular reddish-brown tone that complements a variety of skin colours for the perfect  auburn brown hair. 

How to get a gorgeous Auburn hair tone at home

This versatile hue ranges from medium to rich red-brown. Unlike pure red, which tends to have a cooling effect on complexions, auburn is a warm tone that introduces fiery pigments in a more sophisticated way.

The key to selecting the best auburn hair dye shade is to work with, not against, your natural hair colour. Warm brunette bases tend to suit darker auburn hues. This multi-dimensional, chocolatey hair colour is subtle enough to bring out natural-looking red tones. 

How to choose the best auburn colour shade?

If you’re looking for a strong ginger shade, turn to celebs including Isla Fisher, Amy Adams, and Charlotte Tilbury for inspiration. Their hair colours contain burnt sienna orange undertones which tend to work well with both cool and warm skin complexions.

A similar look can be achieved at home using our semi permanent auburn hair dye Copper Gold Gloss hair treatment, as seen on Sam Chapman. This semi-permanent hair colour treatment boosts the shine on naturally red hair and adds warm copper tones to brown bases. If you’re a natural blonde, this product will give you a peachier, deeper look. 



It also gives the effect of boosting hair highlights and balayage without the cost and effort of having to sit in a colourist’s chair. What more could you want?

If you’d still rather get the salon treatment, consider asking your stylist for advice on whether balayage, ombré, dip-dye, or a full-head hair colour treatment works best for you depending on your hair transformation goal.  



For people who want a slight warm tint in their hair, why not add some sweet, softening tones with our Caramel Gloss

This deeply conditioning semi-permanent hair treatment enhances dark blonde to dark brown hair and gives you a natural-looking sheen without the pressure of a full red treatment. In certain lights, your hair will have a gorgeously refined coppery tint. 

This makes it a great option for brunettes who aren’t ready to let their Summer glow fade and for brondes who’d like to add a bit of depth, warmth, and radiance to their natural hair tone. 



Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to help you achieve the A-list auburn hair treatment you deserve. Are you ready to take a ride on the red side?

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