How to get salon hair at home - The secret to salon-fresh colour

Introducing the one product your hair can’t live without.
How to get salon hair at home - The secret to salon-fresh colour
  Want to know the secret to keeping hair colour looking fresh and shiny, from home? We’re sharing the 5 reasons why everyone needs a Gloss hair treatment in their life.  ‘Colour that cares for your hair is the most important thing to me. Without good condition, it’s really hard to create premium colour results. I designed our semi-permanent treatment gloss to condition as it colours and leaves your hair looking and feeling great.’ - Josh Wood  Glosses are colourists' secret weapons. Josh created the Gloss hair treatment to replicate these results at home. Whether you want to tone down brassiness, add soft beachy golden tones, opt for a rich warm brunette, or play with red, you can feel salon-fresh at home.

2. It’s practically foolproof to apply 

Simply smooth on like a conditioner to clean, damp hair and rinse off after 20 minutes for glossy, refreshed colour. The Gloss can be used 2-3 times depending on your hair length.

3. It’s colour that’s good for your hair

Loaded with Perilla Oil and Shea Butter in a nourishing hair mask base the Gloss conditions as it colours, leaving your hair looking and feeling better after every use.

4. Your colourist will thank you for it

While you might not be able to highlight or balayage at home, taking this time to deeply condition your hair will provide a fresh canvas for your colourist to work on when salons reopen, meaning your next salon colour may just be your best one yet.

5. It’s a non-commitment colour

If you fancy changing up your hair colour and going a little warmer or cooler, now is your  chance. Gloss is a semi-permanent hair colour which lasts up to six washes, giving you the confidence to try something new. 

How to get salon hair at home - The secret to salon-fresh colour

So now you’re sold on the benefits, let’s find the right shade of Gloss for you.

They key lies in your skin complexion. Understanding the nuances of skin tone can mean the difference between choosing a good hair colour and your most flattering hair colour ever. 

If you’re not sure what your skin undertones are, it’s very easy to do yourself. First, take a look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they look greenish, then you’re likely to have warm skin undertones. People with blue or purplish-looking veins usually have cooler skin undertones. Neutral skin undertones can make your veins appear colourless or a combination of greens and blues.

If you’re cool….

Icy blondes and ash-based browns tend to compliment cool skin undertones. Not only will Icy Blonde Gloss suit your colouring, it will also neutralise any unwanted brassiness in the hair so you can safely say Goodbye to yellow. 

If you want to make a statement, why not try fashion-forward Cherry Gloss. It’s a cool, crisp red, with just a hint of fuchsia in the mix, creating striking contrast when paired with a porcelain skin tone that has blue / purple undertones.

Brunettes looking for a more subtle shade might prefer Berry Brunette Gloss, which has more of a bluish red finish - think burgundy wine with sharp, raspberry accents. 

If you’re warm….

Those with warm skin tones will find that golden hues and coppery tones are the most flattering. 

Champagne Blonde Gloss adds creamy sun kissed tones to hair, even in the deep dark months of Winter. 

If you have very fair skin Copper Gold Gloss can look particularly striking. Use it to spice up naturally red hair, or create a strawberry blonde on light brunette hair, blonde hair or balayaged ends.

Dark blondes to medium brunette shades will fall in love with Caramel Gloss. The buttery, toasted tones add a beautiful dimension that both elevates and deepens warm skin tones. Rose Brunette with its dusky, reddish brown hue, is also a flattering choice for medium to deep skin tones with warm undertones.

If you’re neutral….

Lucky you! The hair colour world is your oyster. The trick here is to look for a shade that complements your eye colour. A golden brown, like the Caramel Gloss, will accentuate hazel eyes, making them appear more vibrant. Rich mahogany or chocolate brown hair colours will enhance darker eyes, bringing out the copper tones within. Try a Chestnut Brunette Gloss to add sparkle to your hair and eyes. For our green eyed girls, try a vibrant contrasting red, like Cherry red.

How to get salon hair at home - The secret to salon-fresh colour

Now you know your shade, how do I use the Gloss hair treatment you might ask? It’s super simple - think of them just like coloured conditioners. 

  • Preparation is key 

  • Shampoo your hair first with your shade-specific hair care. Towel dry, making sure to squeeze out any excess water, being careful not to rub too vigorously with the towel

  • Thoroughly brush your hair with a comb. ‘The less tangles, the less messy the process’, says Josh

  • Section your hair into four sections, using clips found in your Accessories Kit. The neater the section, the neater the application

  • Squeeze the Gloss into your bowl, use half a tube for long hair and a quarter of a tube for short hair

  • Wearing your gloves and using your brush paint the Gloss onto your hair 

  • Leave to work it’s magic for 20 minutes and rinse to reveal super shiny strands 


‘Do not underestimate well-conditioned hair: it is the key to all hair colour looking good.’ - Josh Wood  

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