How to get your healthiest hair yet

Amazing looking hair isn't always about trying a new colour or a bouncy blow dry; keeping it healthy is a crucial part of this. And while you can layer on the products, sometimes the vitality of your hair comes from more than what’s applied on the surface. After 30 years of working in salons, expert colourist Josh Wood and expert stylist Matthew Hawes tell us their tips to keep hair looking – and feeling – amazing.

How to get your healthiest hair yet

If you regularly fight the frizz…

“If you’re struggling with frizz, it’s best to learn what causes it, in order to tackle it”, says Matt. Frizzy hair is what happens when the hair’s cuticle remains open – which can be caused by products applied to the hair, or larger lifestyle choices".


“There are many factors to take into account, such as medications and diet - but a big cause of frizz is dehydration. If you don't drink enough water, this could be leading to dehydration in your hair, too. And your skin!”

"The products you use - or don't use - could also cause, or exacerbate frizz. If you don't deeply moisturise your hair frequently enough, or use too many protein based products and not enough water based ones, your hair will feel dehydrated, and this will lead to frizz. To combat this, use a water based mask twice a week, such as the Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask - simply leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse out".

While a weekly mask is great for a hydration hit, it’s always best to try and use products that can combat frizz as frequently as possible. Mads-sune says “think of your hair mask like your face mask. If you use it once a month, you likely won’t see great results. If you it twice a week, for a couple of months, you’ll start to see true improvement in condition”.

Battling the dulldrums?


"Dull hair can be caused by de-hydrated hair, or by a build-up of product, grease and general dirt. If your hair looks dull due to dehydration, always do a weekly, water-based hair mask, like the Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask. If it's a build-up of product, use a clarifying shampoo a few times a week - such as Redken Clean Maniac. It's also important to wash your hair properly - it makes such a difference. You might think you're properly washing your hair, but chances are you're not giving it a deep enough of a clean", says Matt. Read our blog post here, all about the do's and don't's of hair washing.


How to get your healthiest hair yet

"How you dry your hair can also have an effect on how it looks - it's all about not ruffling the cuticle. Towel drying ruffles the cuticle, but to achieve smooth hair you need to keep the cuticle flat and closed. People often rough dry their hair by putting their head upside down and pushing the hairdryer the opposite way to the cuticle, which is why hair can appear frizzy after drying. Instead, keep your head upright, and always have the hairdryer pointing downwards in a vertical direction".

Matt also recommends using a real boar bristle brush rather than a plastic one, and to avoid using brushes with metal on them (instead, look for wood). Prolonged use will damage the hair, making it dull.

How to get your healthiest hair yet

Need some growth mojo?

“It might seem counter-productive to keep cutting hair that you want to grow, but it’s true; a trim every 6 weeks will help your hair grow longer and stronger”, says Matt. “Hair responds really well to light trims; it’s a rejuvenation that encourages it to grow. From a logistical point of view, regular trims help hair to grow, as when hair is left alone, it naturally starts to split upwards, which can affect the lengths, too - and halt growth altogether”.

"I’m by no means a doctor, so please read up on any new vitamins you decide to take before doing so, but I would recommend to any of my clients struggling with their hair length and thickness to look into taking Sea Kelp supplements, along with eating things rich in Vitamin E, such as almonds, avocados, peanuts and seeds".

If you’d like advice on hair loss…

Josh says, “introducing a deep scalp massage as part of your weekly routine can stimulate blood circulation which helps hair grow back faster. A good, natural hair oil – such as castor or coconut oil – works great to aid the massage, and don’t contain harsh chemicals, so won’t affect the quality of your hair”.


From a colour perspective, Josh believes that lighter roots can help disguise the scalp, making it less visible - and therefore hair loss less noticeable. Josh understands how deeply upsetting hair loss can be, and says no one should feel alone on this experience - it’s very common, and there are things you can do to help with it.



How to get your healthiest hair yet

Josh also recommends introducing Viviscal supplements to your diet, as they can help with new hair growth and provide you the vitamins necessary for a healthy scalp and increased hair growth (of course, always check with your doctor before introducing anything new into your routine).

And there you have it - healthy hair in just four small changes! Remember, if you'd like personalised hair advice from our experts, email us on


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