How to get your healthiest hair yet...

Our expert team reveal the 2020 hair resolutions that are worth making and not breaking for your best hair yet.

How to get your healthiest hair yet...

Get your beauty sleep, the right way

2020 is the year to upgrade your beauty sleep and start snoozing on a silk pillowcase. ‘Regular cotton pillowcases create friction and cause frizz and breakage, not to mention morning bedhead hair’, says Atelier stylist Matt Hawes. The smoothness of silk helps to keep your hair sleek. He also recommends never going to sleep with wet hair to avoid matting. Rough dry before you head to bed or plait loosely.



Pat, don’t rub

Go easy after shampooing. ‘Excessively rubbing your hair with a towel creates friction to the cuticle, causing the hair to frizz’, says Atelier stylist Kat De Rozario. Instead, gently pat it dry with your towel. It may take longer, but the super shine results will be worth it.

How to get your healthiest hair yet...

Nail your style wardrobe

Make your hairstyles work harder and go a three day distance. Kat recommends working three looks on rotation. ‘If you give yourself a blow dry on Monday, add dry shampoo to it on Tuesday, and whip into a power pony on Wednesday. Cutting down on heat styling will help protect the health of your hair.'

Master the blow dry

1. Always brush out damp hair with a comb or wet brush.

2. Use sectioning clips to divide up the hair, this will make it easier to manage, and spritz liberally with a heat protectant. Think of heat protectants like sun cream, never go without!

3. The temperature should be hot, but not so hot it feels uncomfortable on your head.

4. Rough dry your hair first, with your head upside down to create root lift.

5. Never use a metal barrel brush when blow drying, the added heat of the brush can lead to frizz and breakage.

6. When you’ve finished styling use the cold shot on your hairdryer. This will set your style longer.

How to get your healthiest hair yet...

Do a DIY deep cleanse

Colourist Jason Hogan recommends a monthly DIY deep cleanse. ‘Hard water can have a dulling effect, particularly on blonde hair’, says Jason. To cleanse the hair of impurities, after shampooing take half a cup of apple cider vinegar and rinse through the hair. To restore a bright and beautiful blonde again.

Consistency is key

Make a weekly habit of applying a deep-conditioning treatment, such as the Everything Mask. Josh says, 'If you're going to invest your time and money into colouring your hair always treat it with care.'


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