How to ice brassiness in blondes

Whether you're a natural, from-the-bathroom, or salon created blonde we know you can all suffer from unwanted warm, yellow, brassy tones. Josh created Gloss in Icy Blonde to boost your blonde for a bright not brassy finish. Healthy-looking, shiny hair is now possible to create yourself, at home.

Jenna has had some 'silver blondes', or greys, come through in the past few years, which she likes to cover. Sometimes during that process she ends up with a bit of brassiness. Here she and Josh talk through how to use Gloss in Icy Blonde to neutralise any unwanted 'yellow' tones.

And here, our team answer some of your most popular questions.


Can the Gloss replace my salon appointments?

The Gloss can be used to prolong the time between your salon appointments. It will refresh and revive your highlights or balayage, but we always recommend visiting a salon to create these techniques in the first place.

How long do I leave the Gloss on for?

Use Icy Gloss where you see the yellow most, and leave on for up to twenty minutes. Where you see lighter pieces, only put it on for a few minutes.

And here's what you've been saying...

Ashy and smooth again! Cannot recommend Josh Wood Colour Gloss enough. So reasonable and results driven.


I simply combed this through my hair like a mask, let it sit for 20 minutes and voila - my blonde highlights looked freshly done again. Plus, it's hydrating as hell.


It is a hair-colour revolutionary and will certainly reduce the frequency of your salon visits.


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