How to style and care for frizzy hair

How to style and care for frizzy hair

Having thick hair has a whole host of benefits (letting us go an extra day without washing it? Thanks hair, you are so kind!). One of its main advantages is that it’s able to hold hairstyles much better than its fine contenders – meaning you can stretch a blow dry out for longer. However, actually getting it to style nicely in the first place can sometimes be the hard part. While the end result might look beautiful, unruly, wild and untameable hairs can make the process a bit of a, well, process.

I spoke to Josh Wood Colour stylist Kat DeRozario to figure out the best care routine to tame thick hair, and how to achieve a gorgeously smooth blow dry and learn how to style frizzy hair.

Caring for it...

How to style and care for frizzy hair

The first step to figuring out your perfect haircare routine is to work out whether you have genuinely thick hair, or alternatively, a lot of fine hair, which appears to be thick in its mass.

If it’s the former, you need a moisturising shampoo to clean the hair whilst also keeping it smooth and silky, such as Josh Wood Colour Renewing or Uplifting Shampoo, in addition to the matching conditioner. If it’s the latter, it might actually be best to use a shampoo for fine hair (such as Josh Wood Colour Shade Refreshing or Radiating Shampoo), to give you volume at the root, and combine it with a conditioner made for frizzy hair for smooth ends. If you have lots of fine hair, by using a shampoo for fine hair, but a conditioner for frizzy locks, you’ll get the best of both worlds - volume and sleekness. Read our blog post here to learn how to properly wash your hair, and information on how to get the best out of your products!

Kat says, "the cause of frizz is either natural coarseness or the condition of your hair from heightened stress which causes a broken cuticle. Therefore a weekly treatment is important for maintaining thick hair, whether it be thick by volume or mass". Kat suggests using hair masks, but warns to keep a healthy balance between a protein based mask and a hydrating mask. Protein masks will rebuild broken hair cuticles, and hydration ones will 'feed' it. She says you should use 'one of each a week'. Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask is great for hydration due to its water based and nourishing ingredients. For a protein mask, Kat recommends the Redken Extreme Strength Builder Mask - "it rebuilds the hair shaft which will help minimise the frizz".

Kat's styling tips...

"If you’re using a diffuser on your hairdryer, using a low speed and medium heat will help to minimise frizz".

"Invest in a good hair dryer, the more powerful it is, the more intense the air is, and therefore the less heat you need".

"It's also a good idea to buy a good brush, I recommend a ceramic brush. The ceramic conducts heat, so will maximise the heat and set your hair in a more gentle way".

"Use a nozzle on your hairdryer, as this directs the airflow to blow the cuticle smooth, leaving it looking less frizzy".

You can also minimise frizz in your styling routine by using no heat at all. Instead, twist your hair into its natural shape using cream or serum. This coaxes out a natural curl using no heat, and the hydrating products will help smooth it too.

How to style and care for frizzy hair

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