Introducing Antonella, 47, whose children are scared of their mamma getting older

Josh: Antonella was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was the life and soul of the party on set, keeping everyone in high spirits. Her thick, glossy Italian hair was the perfect canvas for Josh Wood Colour.

I first went grey a few years ago, I wasn't ready for it, and neither were my kids... They asked me to never go grey! I think they didn't want their mamma to get old. They see my grey hair and just say, 'put a box on it'!

On her Josh Wood Colour.. I love it! I feel that it's more multi-dimensional, there are different colours coming through. My natural warm colour, which I think is from my Italian Dad, is enhanced, rather than covered up. I have more colour, more dimension and a more expensive look.

On being chosen as a campaign star... I was so excited when I found out I'd been chosen. Excited but petrified! It was amazing to see everything come together; the teamwork between the hair masters, the photographers and the art director. I love watching how people work together and push through to deliver a successful project.

Antonella loves...


'I love the attention to detail in the Permanent Kit, even down to the gloves, which fit my hands perfectly and make application so much easier.'


'The Blending Brush helps me hide any unwanted grey.'


'The Miracle Mask works wonders for my hair. Just leaving it on for five minutes leaves my hair looking nourished, cared for and the colour is locked in'

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