Colour inspiration from interiors pro Kate @ Mad About The House

We're not the only ones obsessed with colour, some of the incredible clients we are lucky enough to welcome through the doors of our London Atelier are also colour experts, including interiors journalist, author and Mad About The House blogger, Kate Watson-Smyth.

Colour inspiration from interiors pro Kate @ Mad About The House

What’s your colour of now? And predictions for 2020?

Colour inspiration from interiors pro Kate @ Mad About The House

Right now in my house it's a mix of chocolate brown, pale pink and shades of cream/ecru - it's like living in a giant Neapolitan ice cream.

I'm gradually adding more green, both with plants and paint. Mint green is the big colour for next year.

Also, after years of dark neutrals we will see a return to paler neutrals again. We're all feeling a little more confident with dark paint now so it's a case of, if you like it do it, otherwise it's time for 50 shades of cream to make a comeback. No, we're not calling it magnolia. Yet!

Mint green is the shade for 2020. It's already started to appear in fashion and what starts on the catwalk always ends up on the cushions.

Kate's 5 easy ways to introduce colour into your home

1. Think how certain colours make you feel, this will help you work out your own colour palette.

2. Marry the mood it induces with the room you put it in. Energising colours work well in the kitchen, cosy and relaxing shades in the sitting room and cool, calming colours for the bedroom. Green is good for creativity so put some in every room and yes plants do count.

3. Look at your wardrobe. Chances are if you're comfortable wearing a colour, you will be comfortable living in it. If you only wear black, I suggest you look at your accessories.

4. Dress your home like you dress yourself. Only houses are easier as they don't have hungover days or lying on the sofa wearing trackie bottoms and eating biscuit days. The only variant is the light outside. Pick a main colour for the walls - say 60 per cent of the room - think of that as your dress or trousers. Add a second colour - the sofa - that's your shirt. Finally add a third colour with accessories - lamps/rugs/cushions - like you would with shoes/earrings/bag.

5. Finally, don't default to white paint. Do you always wear a white top no matter what colour you have on the bottom half? I imagine not. So before you paint the ceiling white, ask yourself if it's the best combination with the wall shade? Sometimes a very pale pink or soft green or even chalky off-white will be better than a hard, brilliant white.

And I'm going to add a 6th...your skirting boards and your radiators should always match your walls. Too much white woodwork draws attention to the outline the room and can be distracting. Painting it all out in the same colour including the back of the door. It's much more restful and modern.

Colour inspiration from interiors pro Kate @ Mad About The House

How does colour make you feel?

Colour is 'emotional' and we all react to it in one of three ways - psychologically, culturally and personally - and it impacts how you use colour in your own life. You may avoid a certain colour because it has bad memories. The blues and greens of school uniforms are a classic case in point. Or you may just find that you don't like the feelings or emotions that seeing a certain colour throws up. I really dislike primrose yellow for a reason I cannot fathom; it just doesn't work for me.

What is your favourite colour?

Today? Forest Green. Yesterday? Blush pink. Tomorrow? Who knows!

What colour is in your bathroom?

Dark green. It's actually a colour that Mylands mixed for me called Mad About The Bathroom.

Colour inspiration from interiors pro Kate @ Mad About The House

What's your can't live without hair hero?

The lovely Mason, who does my hair at the Atelier, has just introduced me to the idea of leave in conditioner instead of a styling mousse. I'm totally converted to Redken All Soft Mega Hydra Melt and for the first time in my life, I can diffuse my hair without creating frizz.

Tell us about your grey hair journey?

I started to go grey in my 30' so I added blonde highlights for many years to try and cover it up. In my 40's I just couldn't be bothered with the upkeep. Now I'm 52 and I've discovered purple shampoo and the fashion world has discovered the joy of grey hair! I'm having an entirely natural fashion moment and I couldn't be happier. Plus it looks great with a dark red lip.

Kate's book Mad About The House, How to Decorate Your Home with Style (Pavilion) £20 is out now

Her next book Mad About The House, 101 Interior Design Answers will be out in March 2020

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